Close More Sales With a Result-Driven System

Manage existing customers in an unmatchable manner while attracting prospective customers without any hurdles.


In a world where limitations are defined only by the internet connection, it has become easier than ever to reach out to customers. While it may be stress-free to attract them, it is much more challenging to convince them of taking particular attention, let alone retain them. This is where our customer relationship management system comes into the picture. With features that speak of performance and purpose, our CRM system can help your brand establish everlasting relationships with your customers.


Capture More Leads

Identify, attract, and close quality leads to improve your sales cycle.


Make Better Decisions

Employ adequate data and keep an eye on market trends to do it right.


Win Client Satisfaction

Resolve customer inquiries, provide information, and close deals with an impact.


Promote Efficiency

Help your teams remain productive and motivated by increasing automation.

Grow the roster of happy clients and conquer the market.


Why Us?

Attracting customers is easy. Closing leads is difficult. But managing all the customers in an efficient manner is harder. Even repetitive tasks can fall under the trap of errors and mistakes, which can cost you bucks and a whole lot of reputation. But with our customer management system, you can get rid of the hustle and bustle up your business growth.

Specially designed for businesses that consider customers to be their most valuable assets, our CRM system can help you to capture proficient leads, make data-driven decisions, and manage your essential database. After all, great businesses work in a smarter way. With Genic Solutions, you can get the balls of success rolling.

Our Industry

Our Customer Relationship Management can change the game

When we want to expand our business , there is always a measure challenge coming in front of every business person that  number of customers are increasing daily basis along with the team size. How you can help your client or customer to give them a way to get easier support  or how can you capture the growth of  their team size? How can you handle the tasks or projects easily coming from clients ? how can you manage your dataset of  clients securely along with Some set of Features? Or how you are managing your business? Here, Genic Solutions gives us an efficient way to manage your business in terms of everything. This solutions is known as Genic Solution’s CRM.

Make your business game changer in the business

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool which manages all your business operations in one system and stores all data . Therefor, based on the data you can easily apply dashboard tool to analyze that data to find the trend of product services which you are providing to multiple clients. You can manage your invoice , quotations , contact of clients , their related projects and services which you will be providing to them.

Our Customer Relationship Management Solution

Our CRM software will let you to solve all the problems of managing your operations. Especially designed for small businesses, our CRM Solution has a proven track record of resolving emerging issues in wide-ranging industries. Be it manufacturing, retail, travel, or hospitality, landscape etc. Genic Solutions matches features with technology.

Why to have CRM solutions as a your problem solver?

Customer Relationship Management software is power tool that it will help you in making a proper flow of your business. For example, we have designed our product or service management in such a way that it will provide you the number of features. Suppose if you want to sale your services and to do so , you  need to send the quotation/proposal to client first , there will be time taking thing if you do this manually. With Genic Solution’s CRM , you can easily create a customer record then mention the services which you are going to provide. Then define a cost service wise to the cost in quotation automatically along with the Tax . With simple click of generate , you will get a proposal document which you can send to customer.

It’s time you make your business management hassle-free

Instead of  adjustment with your skills , just use the CRM tool manage your business. As every single information of client is very secret or sensitive, we also make sure that based on the roles provided by admin users can see the available information on the pages of CRM and can use the features based on their defines roles by the management. Another hand , stored information on CRM is also very secure and this Genic Solution’s product is very powerful.



At Genic Solutions, we make no empty promises regarding the quality of the service we provide. Instead, we let our testimonials speak for themselves. Check out what our customers have to say about our seamless and top-notch tech solutions.

I am very satisfied with the service of Genic Solutions. I did not know much about the software that I can use in my business, but the company solved all my queries professionally. Thank you!

Peter Hill

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