Genic Solutions delivers bespoke products, applications and systems to solopreneurs, global enterprises, or start-up companies to ease business operations and improve productivity and efficiency.

Why Choose Genic Solutions?

Our Perks
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Understanding Client Requirements

Genic Solutions house a dedicated group of custom software developers who focus on building dependable and durable systems or software that meet the needs of our clients.

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Cost-Effective Solution

Genic Solutions top priorities are gaining our client’s trust and providing them with lasting value. Prior to delivering cost-effective Software Development Services In Singapore, our team will talk about the budget.

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On-Time Assistance

We offer a service accompanied by a commitment to openness and cooperation. Our top priority is information about projects, from reporting on project status to receiving customer approvals.

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Timely Delivery

Genic Solutions respects the time of its clients. When it comes to establishing their market presence, businesses must act quickly. Our staff ensures the project is finished on schedule and without a hitch.

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Changing Requirements

We honour any requests for changes in order to guarantee your complete satisfaction. We improve and prioritize the backlog to make all the necessary adjustments to produce exceptional results.

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Task Scheduling

Working with the stakeholders, we create deliverables that are doable and integrate EVM into the project schedule. This enables us to finish your assignment quickly.

Have an Idea? Connect with us!

If you have a project in mind, let’s talk about it and see what we can do to help!

Here’s How We Do It

Genic Solutions, Software Development Company Singapore offers you an excellent opportunity to steer your company on the proper path with customized software.

Planning & Requirements

Clients first communicate with us about their needs, intended functionality, and business practices. To create a successful development action plan, we conduct in-depth analysis and research in accordance with the requirements.

Design/ Architecture

It’s time to start working on the plan once your business needs and development strategy have been verified. The client and our team will decide what the programme needs, the development schedule, and its appearance during this phase.

Development & Implementation

The developers will begin working on coding and converting design documentation into existing software throughout the development and implementation phase. When the software is ready, we start testing to ensure it is error-free.


The final stage, known as deployment, is when the prepared software or solution is ready to be installed. These stages involve planning, carrying out deployment processes, deploying the product, transferring ownership of the product, and concluding the deployment stage.

Technology Expertise

For your bespoke software application development project, our software engineers are knowledgeable in both the newest technologies as well as the tried-and-true traditional ones. They have the following technology stack.


Our Clients

Our client’s organisational performance is our primary concern, and improving that performance through people practices is our ultimate goal.

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