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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have curated a list of some FAQs and answers that help you understand how Genic Solutions can channel your growth.

The most important thing you should know before contacting us is what you want to achieve. You should consider some questions: Why do you need custom software? What are the current problems you are facing? What do you expect from your custom software? These questions will help you to achieve a clear view regarding the problem you are facing. After collecting these questions, our team will help you to find relevant answers to your problems with our top-notch technology solution.

Custom software or system will help you to manage your all team at one place. So, if you are searching for custom software development services, Genic Solutions will help you. Our experts will provide you with optimum support to develop the perfect tech solution as per your company’s needs.

We all need the assistance of professionals who are knowledgeable about the issues and can identify the best solution while developing bespoke software. And this is exactly what Genic Solutions does. Our main goal is to assist companies in using digital solutions to advance in the midst of the shifting corporate landscape. We try our best to comprehend your company’s vision while doing this. We use the greatest tools and procedures, enabling us to be the best tech partners for potential companies. As a result, we effectively assist firms in reaching new success peaks. You can count on Genic Solutions for increased growth, from reach to functionality.

Basically, your project’s cost is based on factors such as total time requirement, project scope, and technological complexities. At Genic Solutions, we provide you with a detailed quote for your project that helps you to get an idea about your investments. Since every project requirement is unique so the cost will also be different.

The exact time required to complete your project completely depends upon its scope. In the consultation session, we listen and understand your requirements first, then we do some calculations and provide you with an estimated time and budget for your project. Besides, if we have already done a similar project before, we can provide you with an estimated quote and time quickly in the beginning.

Genic Solutions provide NDA and IP contract to clients for signing before beginning the project. It is clearly mentioned in both contracts that Genic Solutions responsibility is to ensure complete intellectual property security and confidentiality. The agreement consists of a similar binding clause signed by the management and employees of Genic Solutions. Doing so ensures that your intellectual property is always protected by having our workers participate in sufficient training sessions and timely process audits.

End-user documentation is only provided when it is mentioned in the quote and work agreement signed between the management and employees of Genic Solutions. You can incorporate this request at the beginning of the project so our team will fulfil this request right away.

Yes! You will receive SRS documentation with your final product. This documentation contains detailed comments to make sure that you easily understand the code.

Genic Solutions has a team of highly experienced developers that utilize the FogCreek Kiln source code and version control repository. On the contrary, we have an excellent understanding of Team Foundation Server, Visual Source Safe, and other pre-eminent version control systems.

The Genic Solutions software development team knows that comments help technical and non-technical readers understand the code. We only provide comments alongside the code, though, when they are actually necessary. For instance, we believe there is no need for comments when the method names speak for themselves. By doing this, we are able to prevent an onslaught of comments that might only be too much for our consumers to handle.

At Genic Solutions, a peer review method is crucial to ensuring that our development processes adhere to particular criteria of the standard. An additional application resource is used to verify the code after it has been developed by one application resource. Before the program is made available for testing at Genic Solutions, the verification procedure is a crucial necessity. However, we only use this strategy when our client appoints multiple developers.

We only follow standard protocol to make sure modification requests are handled methodically. We begin by getting the client’s constructive permission for a change request. When we receive approval, then we carry out an impact analysis. With this help, we can create the timetables and cost needs for the improvements. When the buyer approves everything, the adjustments are then put into effect.

You may see our portfolio on our website, which is set up primarily to provide an overview of our work. Our testimonials speak for themselves, proving the quality of service we provide. We can send you more samples if you get in touch with our representative. We are a Singapore-based software company motivated by a passion for what we do.

Of course! We will be more than pleased to upgrade the software as new technology becomes available in the future. Our software development services seize new prospects in the tech industry while delivering outcomes that adhere to current trends.

We will be pleased to help you use your software for its intended use after we deliver the finished product. Anyone with little technical aptitude can use our program. If you require assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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