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Have a query regarding our custom software services? Read the FAQs below to find an answer and understand why you trust Genic Solutions.

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Don’t know how Genic Solutions can provide the best custom software development service? Find answers to your most unrelenting questions below and better understand how our software services can channel your growth. You can also contact our customer service team if you are unable to find the answer you are looking for.

Nothing too fancy. Before contacting us, the most essential thing that you should know is exactly what you want to achieve. Consider asking questions like these: Why do I need custom software? Why can I not rely on the current technology I have? What are the most crucial problems I am facing? Is there any operation that should be automated? What should my custom software do? These questions will help you to have a clear idea of the exact problems you are facing. Combined with your vision, we can then help you find answers to these pressing questions with top-notch technology.

Just about anything! Whether you want to build an application for your e-commerce store or system that can help you to manage your team from one place, Genic Solutions can do it all. From conceptualization to delivery, we will provide you with optimum support in getting the perfect tech solution for your business needs.As a committed software development company in Singapore, we do everything with great finesse, making sure to fulfill your overarching goals and provide the best services only.

When it comes to custom software, you need the support of professionals who can listen to your problems and find the exact solution to all these overarching issues. And this is precisely what we do at Genic Solutions. Our primary aim is to help businesses move ahead with digital solutions amid the changing corporate landscape. In doing so, we do our best to understand your business vision. We utilize the best practices and resources, allowing us to be the best tech partners for prospective businesses.Accordingly, we help businesses conquer new heights of success in an efficient manner. From reach to functionality, you can trust Genic Solutions for improved growth.

The total cost of your project will depend on factors such as the project scope, technological complexities, and the total time required for the project. We can provide you with a comprehensive quote, explaining where your investment will go. Since each software project is unique, the prices will be different. Our prices for software development are all competitive according to the market trends.

While we try our best to provide all services in a timely manner, the exact time that it will take to undertake your project depends upon its scope. After having a consultation session with you and understanding your requirements, we will do the needful calculations and provide you with an estimate of the timeline and budget. If we have done a similar project in the past, we can offer a quick estimate of the time required in the starting stages of your contact with us. However, once again, it depends upon the type of your project.

Before starting with the project, Genic Solutions present NDA and IP contract to all the clients for signing. Both of these agreements specify that it is the responsibility of Genic Solutions to ensure complete security and confidentiality of your intellectual property. A similar binding clause exists in the agreement that is signed between the management and employees of Genic Solutions. With this, our employees take part in adequate training sessions while we audit our processes in a timely manner, ensuring that your intellectual property is always kept secure.

End-user documentation comes with the final product only if it is included in the quote and work contract that is signed between Genic Solutions and the customer. You can have us incorporate this request at the start of the project, so we can cater to the request promptly.

Yes! You will get SRS documentation with the final product. In order to make sure that you can easily understand the code, the documentation is supported with detailed comments.

At Genic Solutions, the highly talented team of developers and designers use the FogCreek Kiln source code and version control repository. On the other hand, we also have a sufficient understanding of Team Foundation Server, Visual Source Safe, and some other prominent version control systems.

The software development team at Genic Solutions understand that comments are constructive for both technical and non-technical individuals to comprehend the code. However, we only provide comments with the code where they are genuinely required. For instance, we feel there is no need to give comments where the name of the methods are self-explanatory. In this way, we are able to avoid the influx of comments, which may only be overwhelming for our customers.

In order to make sure our development processes follow specific benchmarks of standard, a peer review practice is essential at Genic Solutions. When a code is developed by an application resource, another application resource is employed to verify the code. The verification process is an essential requirement at Genic Solutions before the software can be released for testing. However, we only conduct this practice when our customer hires more than one developer.

In order to ensure change requests are handled in a systematic way, we follow standard procedures only. We start by taking constructive approval from the client for a change request. Then, we conduct an impact analysis once we get approval. With this, we are able to construct cost requirements and timelines that are needed for the changes. The changes are then implemented when the customer approves everything.

Gladly! On our website, you will find our portfolio that is primarily organized to provide you with an overview of our work. Our testimonials also speak for themselves, proving the quality of the work we provide. You can also get in touch with our representative, and we can send you more samples.As a software company located in Singapore, we are driven by a passion got doing what we do. We will be more than happy to do so.

Of course! As new technology becomes available in the future, we will be more than happy to improve and upgrade the software.Our software development services embark on new opportunities in the tech world, ensuring to provide results that match the latest trends.

Once we deliver the final product, we will be more than happy to provide you with support in using your software for the intended use. You don’t have to be very technical minded in using our software.Feel free to contact us in case you need any help.

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