Our software allows you to manage your supply chain operations from the distribution centre to the store in a timely and cost-effective manner. From shipping and receiving to picking and packing, manage multiple warehouses and create detailed reports to get better insights from a single platform.


Multi Warehouse Setup

Connect, oversee, and multiple direct warehouses from one platform, thanks to our multi-warehouse feature. With this feature, you can transfer your stock from one warehouse to another while managing the stock flow between your warehouses and stores.

Transfer Stock Between Warehouses

Genic Inventory Management System allows users to transfer their stock between different locations, especially if one warehouse faces a shortage of in-demand products. You must create a stock transfer document and let the system do the grunt work. You can select the serial number or the specific batch of a product and transfer it within minutes.


For Businesses of Today and Tomorrow

We offer an inventory management system to maintain stock counts, avoid manual processes, reduce errors, and cut the time required to do everything perfectly. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us!


Bin Locations

Track the location of your variants across different warehouses, allowing you to ensure you have enough stock available to fulfil the orders. Once assured, you can get the Pick Lists when your orders are ready for shipping. Also, you can use bill locations to improve inventory accessibility, categorize your products, and streamline the way in which your inventory takes up space in the warehouse.

Location Report

Genic Inventory Management System makes it easier for users to generate accurate reports and get insight into valuable information, like the last purchased stock, last ordered stock, profit value, and inventory value. In this way, you can get rid of the guessing game and instead make data-driven decisions for your business, such as when to order more stock.


User Management with Permissions

Foster collaboration by allowing your team members to access up-to-date inventory management. You can give explicit permission to your team members, so they can look after the inventory, manage its operations, generate insightful reports, and fulfil orders when you are not available. As the primary user of the system, you can manage who gets access to what, leaving the business majorly in your hands while allowing your employees to manage the inventory for you.