Top Features

Genic Solutions offer a cloud-based digital platform with interactive dashboards and multiple functionalities for seamless inventory management.


Multichannel Selling

Genic inventory management system can give you the ability to sell and connect with customers on multiple platforms. Our multichannel selling feature will simply add more efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness to your business.

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  • Sell on Multiple Channales
  • Sync Inventory
  • Manage Orders
  • Sales Performance of different channels
  • Avoid stockouts or overselling
  • Publish to all channels in 1 go

Order Fulfillment

Fulfil your orders in a more streamlined manner by automating the entire process and controlling the workflow transparently. With our order fulfilment software, you can fulfil more orders in a timely and cost-effectively. You can streamline the way you manage 3PL exporters or get better control over the shipping arrangements.

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  • 3PL partners and shipments
  • Return order management
  • Packing slips
  • Shipping labels
  • Auto picking / sorting processes
  • Handover documents and process

For Businesses of Today and Tomorrow

We offer an inventory management system to maintain stock counts, avoid manual processes, reduce errors, and cut the time required to do everything perfectly. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us!


Order Management

Track, fulfil, and overview all your orders with the help of a single system. From inventory data to customer information, the inventory management system by Genic Solutions will let you deliver excellent service to your customers.

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  • Order synchronize
  • Order flow accept, picking
  • Create single sales order
  • Track shipment

Location Management

The location management feature of our extensive inventory management software comes with capabilities to provide you with greater control. From a single platform, you can manage your inventories spread all across the world without any hitch.

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  • Different categories
  • Locations setup
  • Locations reports

Stock Management

Our stock management feature is specially designed to ensure that you can fulfil your client’s orders on time. From adjusting your stock levels to transferring them from one warehouse to another, our inventory software is the system you need to trust.

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  • Stock counts
  • Stock adjustments
  • Stock transfers
  • Transfer location


Track the cost of the sold goods, create custom reports, and direct the movement of your stock in a streamlined way. Our inventory management system will simply help you confidently do everything vital to boost your overall success rates.

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  • Inventory movement report
  • Incoming stock report
  • Inventory detail report
  • Inventory location report
  • Inventory stock on hand report
  • Ageing report

Warehouse Management

With our system, you can take the functionality of your warehouse to an improved level. Regardless of what you want to do, such as transferring your stock between different warehouses, setting up a new inventory, or accurate reports of your stock levels, our inventory system can do it all.

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  • Multi warehouse setup
  • Bin locations
  • Location report
  • User management
  • Transfer stock between warehouses

Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management system enables you to avoid inventory mismatches and stockouts. It empowers you and your operations with multi-warehouse stock management, automated stock suggestions, and a robust reporting system to take the right stock decisions at the right time.

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  • Product listings
  • Product details
  • Products variants
  • Centralized inventory
  • Barcode inventory management

Our Clients

We are happy to say that we have improved the number of business operations through our inventory management software with some of the best-known brands.

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