With the Genic inventory management system, you can easily create, edit, and send sales quotes while coordinating with your entire team and ensuring all payments are completed. Our order management feature simply puts your business on the front.


Order Synchronize by Add Order or APIs

With the help of a top-notch API, synchronize all routines, tools, and information on a single platform. In other words, our order management API can help you move your orders from the commerce platform to the system in the shortest turnaround time. You can also add the orders manually in the system and get a better grip on their life cycle.

Order Flow: Accept, Picking, Packed, Handed Over, Cancelled

Create, edit, and send sales quotes easily from one system while tracking all the payments and committing stock to order without any error. With our order flow feature, you accept orders, confirm their purchase from the orders, pack them, send them for shipping, and even cancel them.


For Businesses of Today and Tomorrow

We offer an inventory management system to maintain stock counts, avoid manual processes, reduce errors, and cut the time required to do everything perfectly. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us!


Create Single Sales Order or Multi Via Excel

Draft and finalize various sales orders on an excel sheet to manage all quote information on a single platform. You can easily commit stock products for orders, complete your orders by creating email invoices, send them to the customers, and receive their payments. Depending upon the status of the orders, you can mark them as paid or unpaid, as well as fully or partially fulfilled.

Track Shipment

Mark the goods that have been shipped or are ready to be sent to the customers with a secure track shipment feature. You can also create custom shipping rates, set shipping zones, and specify rates based on weight with our shipment features. Genic inventory management software allows users to set default custom addresses for every customer at any time, like warehouse and billing.

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