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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Having a pressing question about our inventory management software? Check out the FAQs below to find the answer.

An inventory management software can give you the ability to manage your stock levels and incoming supplies without any hassle. With this powerful system, you can track your inventory levels with all the information on your orders, deliveries, and sales. The Genic inventory Management system comes with all the modern features that can make your business operations more efficient.

Yes, our Genic inventory management software supports barcode scanning. It allows businesses to line up, find, and keep track of their items quickly.

Yes! You can. Our software comes with various functionalities that allow customers to add and update their products in bulk with the help of the “import” option. On the other hand, products can be deleted in bulk directly from the products page. So you can easily manage your inventory!

All you have to perform a simple thing which is assign these parameters in the system and assign them to the products. This way, you can process the orders based on batches, location, expiry dates, and costs.

Genic Solutions provide an inventory management system with an organized and thorough dashboard that directly summarises low-stock, in-stock, and out-of-stock products. In this way, you can see the products that are low in stock highlighted in red on the products page. This will help you to know which inventory is running low.

Absolutely not! Genic inventory management system allows you to do it for free.

Unfortunately, no. Our system only allows you to add the SKU that is not created using an inventory management system.

You can archive or unarchive your products easily in the system, which makes it easy to fetch back any removed item or inventory back into the system very quickly.

Yes, our inventory management system allows you to keep up with your financial statements so you can continuously monitor your profit and loss and the capital tied up in inventory.

Genic solutions inventory management software can be configured to generate monthly inventory reports so you can stay updated on the fluctuations in your sales and change your marketing strategy accordingly.

You will receive various benefits when you choose our Genic Solutions inventory management system. Our software ensures better planning, empowers employees, reduces costs, improves business negotiations, maintains and optimizes inventory, increases profit levels, and provides a better user experience.

Yes, you can track your inventory levels at multiple locations through our inventory management software. Besides checking the system, the software also notifies you about any disruption in the supply chain so you can resolve the problem efficiently.

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