Genic Inventory Management System can ensure your business gears are running all the time with accurate and efficient inventory reports. Our real-time inventory and product reports will allow you to make the right decisions at the right time.


Inventory Stock on Hand Report

Identify all the products and variants you have in stock, as well as the ones you need in your inventory, with accurate reports on hand. With the help of an organized table, view the quantity of all your products and variants divided across categories. In this way, you can make informed decisions regarding the orders you can take and the products you need to restock in your inventory.

Inventory Movement Report

Inventory movement report allows you to make smart decisions about your valuable items in the most intuitive and visually appealing way. You can track the movement of your products from the moment you decide to restock new items in the inventory to the time they are set off to be shipped to your customers.


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Incoming Stock Report

Incoming stock report provides you with a detailed overview of all the products that have been ordered already. All you have to do is use filtered research by selecting your supplier, location, variant, and date range. In this way, you see your current purchase orders in various ways and make calculated decisions regarding the future orders you can take.

Inventory Detail Report

Get an overview of your current stock levels a cross various warehouses. You can also view the amount of stock committed to sales orders and the remaining stock that can be provided to the customers. Filtered research with the help of filters like location, product name, and type of product can help you quickly get reports regarding your inventory.


Inventory Location Report

Inventory location reports can help you to analyze the products available across different storage locations. So, if one location is running out of an in-demand item, you can restock it by transferring the product from an adequate location. With the location report, you can also identify the locations where certain products are more in demand.

Ageing Report

View overdue invoices and bills for payment with a detailed Ageing Report. Our system makes it easy for users to identify the customers falling behind on their payments. Most importantly, the ageing report is essential if you want to know the key metrics about the status of your inventory, such as how long it takes before a particular item in your inventory is sold or utilized.

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