Custom Software Management Approach

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A custom software can skyrocket the success of your business. After all, a custom software means that you are getting a tech solution that is in line with your organizational goals and specifically focuses on your operational needs. At Genic Solutions, we bring you an excellent opportunity to have a custom software built just for your company, worthy enough to spin up your digital transformation.

Custom Software Management Approach


Project Analysis & Planning

The heart of any project is vision. And at Genic Solutions, we extend your business vision to a prospective tech solution. Before starting with the project, our talented team sits with the client to understand their objectives and goals. In doing so, we aim to analyze the underlying problem of the business. Constructive communication from the very start of the project allows us to keep the clients engaged from conceptualization to the delivery of the final software.

Accordingly, our analysis helps us in formulating a robust project scope that outlines not only the solutions that will be provided by the software. But is also specifies the budget and timeline within which the project will be completed. Overall, our meticulous planning phase usually includes resource allocation, capacity planning, project scheduling, cost estimation, and provisioning.

In this way, we are able to plan the various objectives of the project and get an overall understanding of what exactly has to be done to attain these goals. With your collaboration, we can establish schedules and procurement requirements, all within the cost restrictions. Since this stage forms the core of the overall project, we ensure to do everything with great finesse, paying particular attention to your business needs.

Requirements Specifications

As part of the software development process, requirement specifications allow our team to jot down the specific aims of the project. Communication is central to this stage as well, so the business stakeholders can convey their unique requirements for the project. Accordingly, Architects, Product Managers, and Development Teamwork with the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in this stage to document all the processes that have to be automated with the help of the software.

If your project follows the Waterfall method, the project usually ends up with a detailed document. The waterfall methodology involves meticulous planning and design phases. On the other hand, if Agile methods are employed, then the stage usually produces a backlog of tasks that have to be performed. The Agile model of software development is a more flexible framework that gives space for uncertainty and changes in the initial requirements.

Nonetheless, at Genic Solutions, we ensure to focus on maintaining the highest level of quality when collecting requirements. In every case, we make sure that the requirements are complete, consistent with each other, accurate in accordance with the needs of the stakeholders, and feasible as per the resources available. In addition, the team also specify requirements in such a way that they can be easily modified, prioritized, and traced.


Integrate the Design

Once we have understood all the requirements, as well as your overarching business aims, our expert software architects and developers, kickstart the design process. This stage employs the established patterns in order to construct the application architecture. We rely on the plethora of knowledge we have gathered over the years to use the best practices for designing and prototyping. Our continuous learning process and will to keep at pace with the developments in the industry also give us the ability to undertake our duty with proficiency.

The frameworks we use depend upon your unique needs. For example, our Architects can employ TOGAF to construct a robust application from existing components, eventually ensuring standardization. On the other hand, our Developers employ sturdy Design Patterns to find solutions for algorithmic problems in a timely manner. In this stage, our team may also use rapid prototyping techniques, usually referred to as spike. This technique allows us to compare various solutions and then,find the best fit.

Accordingly, with this stage, we are able to design detailed documents, which may list the various components and patterns that have been selected for the project. Using spike, we construct the first lines of the code, which eventually leads to the development stage. Throughout the project, quality and excellence remain our top priority.

Build & Development

Coming to the grunt of the work, the team at Genic Solutions invests all its energy and expertise to develop the custom software from top to bottom. The way software is produced depends upon the methodology that we have employed. For example, if we have used the Waterfall methodology for your particular project, this stage may usually continue in a single block of effort. Conversely, in an Agile method, the software may be developed in time-boxed sprints.

Regardless of the methodology, we channel all our efforts into ensuring our clients remain engaged throughout the project. To guarantee the success of the project, we follow a set of software development standards, making the application reliable and efficient. The effective way by which we achieve the goals of this process is by dividing the overall software into various components and then, further objects containing data elements and responsive to events.

As each component is developed, it is tested appropriately as per the test plan. Individual testing of the element allows the team to focus on the behavior of each part of the software. With this, the overall system or integration testing ensures that each component complements other components and works together adequately. Accordingly, a mix of development and testing at this stage validates that the software is capable of working as a whole to meet the business requirements.


Delivery & Releases

At Genic Solutions, the software development team also follows all the benchmarks of a robust release management system, which is also essential for the fulfilment of the project. Release management is a continually developing stage, and this is why we pay heeds to the latest developments in the field to employ only the best practices for your project.

Ideally, the deployment process is automated. In some cases, the phase is not really transparent since the software is deployed as soon as it is completed. In other cases, the process may require various manual approvals. Again, it depends upon the actual function of the software.

In most cases, we employ a continuous deployment model and tools such as Application Release Automation to automate the entire process. A successful deployment eventually results in the successful release of the software into your system.

Maintenance & Support

At Genic Solutions, the maintenance and support phase is also very crucial. Our continuous support even after the development and release of the project means that you can trust the experts to resolve issues that may arise during the use. It is indeed crucial to continuously monitor the software to make sure that it is performing well and will continue to do so in the future.

Accordingly, once the software is released, we monitor its performance to detect any bugs or defects that may occur. These issues are identified, reported, and then responded to by employing contingency solutions. This stage stabilizes the overall software, as these issues can result in other problems such as regression, if not resolved.

Genic Solutions uses common toolset to pin down all the defects in the system and find the most efficient solutions that are still within your resource constraints. We use tools such as Application Performance Monitoring (APM) to support the stage. Simply put, at Genic Solutions, we make it happen.


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