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Genic CRM software aids cleaning industries in keeping records of sales leads, keeping in touch with businesses after sending bids or proposals, and staying up to date with current customers.

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Our Clients

We have become the trusted choice for many firms over the years due to our dedicated hard work and tech-driven solutions.

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Top Features that Cleaning Industries Love

Genic CRM has several powerful features to help businesses streamline operations and maximize revenue.

Lead Management

Maintain your social media presence true fully automated lead management system which provides powerful analytics and tracks traffic from every platform.

Email Insights

Send out personalised emails and improve the connectivity with existing and potential clients. You can also keep track of response rates and customer trends.


Get rid of unwanted delays and close the deals immediately from anywhere with our E signature feature.

On-Site Assessment

Simplify communication and provide personalized quotations on-site to your customers.

Mobile App

Manage your business remotely and track the performance of each employee with our mobile app. It is compatible with iOS and Android and is a great tool for real-time communication.


Determine your weak areas and improve your performance to satisfy more clients with our CRM. It provides you valuable insights so you can improve your business more efficiently.

Are you ready to Transform your Business Digitally?

Genic CRM can you help you overcome business challenges with performative technology and tech-driven solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to avail the benefits of CRM Solutions Singapore.

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