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Genic CRM for real estate manages the entire end-to-end process, from incoming requests to price quotes and selling real estate to property management.

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We have become the trusted choice for many firms over the years due to our dedicated hard work and tech-driven solutions.

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Top Features that Real Estate Industries Love

Genic CRM has several powerful features to help businesses streamline operations and maximize revenue.

Lead Management

Maintain the process of sales and marketing better by categorizing customers into current or past clients, cold or warm leads, and dissatisfied or satisfied or highly satisfied clients. Genic CRM allows you to arrange contacts based on your customer relations.

Email Management

Many realtors considered an email a very professional way of communicating. Genic CRM provides you with a powerful email marketing tool. You can easily send pre-made templates and create your own tailored content or newsletters to various interests of groups.

Powerful Workflow Automation

With Genic CRM, you can set up a variety of automations to account for various scenarios such as sending emails when customers accept offers, reminders to follow up, assigning tasks, sending notifications to the sales rep at the time of lead entry and many more.

Mobile Support for Users

Realtors spend most of their time on the road, so investing in a CRM with mobile capabilities benefits. Genic CRM provides a dedicated CRM mobile app that operates well on Android and iPhone. The sales, marketing, and customer service team can access information from anywhere.

Manage Invoices and Bills

With Genic CRM, you can create and store invoices, quotes, price books, and bills in your account. Maintain post-sales process effectively with inventory management features. You can easily share your quotes and invoices to prospects via custom email or invoice templates.

Insightful Analytics

Genic CRM for real estate offers insightful analytics that helps you to know about your team’s capability. This feature will help you to make any crucial decision. In this real-time insight, you can view top performers, performance, the website traffic and many more.

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Genic CRM can you help you overcome business challenges with performative technology and tech-driven solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to avail the benefits of CRM Solutions Singapore.

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