Add More Potential Buyers to your Retail Business

Genic CRM is the perfect solution for your retail business to bring back your lost customers, convert non-buyers to buyers, and constantly engage with your customers knowing their needs.

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We have become the trusted choice for many firms over the years due to our dedicated hard work and tech-driven solutions.

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Top Features that Retail Industries Love

Genic CRM has several powerful features to help businesses streamline operations and maximize revenue.

Real-Time Reports and Insights

Genic CRM advanced features include reporting, analytics, territory management, sales forecasting, and gamification, so you can keep your team’s performance at its peak and have the insight to make smarter business decisions.

Financial Management

Retail Genic CRM streamlines financial processes and planning, allowing you to enhance insight into the financial side of your retail business. It comes with a fully integrated financial management system that enables you to improve organizational efficiency and grow the business.

Centralized Order Management

Genic CRM helps retailers meet rising customer expectations for omnichannel fulfilment while improving productivity and inventory management. With Retail CRM, you can reduce over-inventories, catch lost sales and develop the most profitable products for your company.

Target Right Audience

Retail Genic CRM allows you to target your message to the right audience, increasing cross-sell opportunities for your products. It identifies customers who are most likely to purchase your products, so you can never miss out on notifying them when there’s a special sale.

Mobile App

Our mobile app makes it possible to reach out to peers, connect with business software when you’re out of the office, and make business contacts no matter where you are.

Customer Management

Your business’ success depends on the satisfaction of your customers; a CRM portal is essential for retaining a history of client communications, service requests and feedback so you can continually improve your service level.

Are you ready to Transform your Business Digitally?

Genic CRM can you help you overcome business challenges with performative technology and tech-driven solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to avail the benefits of CRM Solutions Singapore.

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