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Quote Management is an essential process for any product and services company, carried out to analyze and process transactions. It encompasses major stages of ordering and payment processing for customers and suppliers. Smooth transaction management is a trait the sales team vouch for and the clients are always contented and at peace when they know there is no track record of delayed or incomplete payments. Make end-to-end supply chain financing work smoothly by integrating Genic CRM software and eliminate your dependency on individual employees or their personal traits. Our Quote Management module is highly customizable, the section and features can be altered and aligned concerning your current business practices. It curtails all the necessary features that may be required at every step of communication with the client; approvals and signatures, client’s ordering history, reminders for payment and order, and so on. It is a holistic tool to ensure error-free, time-saving, and extraordinary performance with extraordinary visibility of performance indicators significant to the customers and vendors.

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On-Site Assessment

Add-On services are always a great help, especially when it supports the back-and-forth, communication-intensive process of quotation management. CRM Quote Management module has a diverse range of support services incorporated. On-site assessment feature helps get quotes through successfully and keep a track of everything.


Simplify communication


Enables you to provide personalised quotations on-site


All record is available on portal for both customers and the sales team


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E-signature for Approval

The approval of the quote is not an easy task. Before a service is booked or a product is purchased, a quotation moves back and forth between customers and the sales team for tweaks and modifications. Signature is an essential trait and E-signatures can serve as a great time saver for getting quotations approved because online processing adds pace to the whole process and keeps a track record at every step. Quote Management is centered around a trail of signatures and electronic signature reduces unwanted delays.

Right Sign

Allows you to close deals on the go

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Keep all stakeholders aligned

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Reduces approval delays remarkably

Client Records

The online service of Quote Management has a database with client records of all customers, the services availed, and a detailed dashboard with historical data of successful quotes to date. The database maintains a complete record and can give extraordinary insights into customer’s projected demand which can help with accurate forecasting.

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Keep record of order history

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Provide better insights to customers

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Accurate forecasting


Follow-up & Reminders

Constant reminders are essential in getting a quote through. The follow-up feature aims to serve as a helping hand; reminders are automatically generated to keep pace with time. In addition, the tracking function is a support feature to check scheduling criteria and customer’s responses to the reminders, if any. The reminder and follow-up feature keep the focus aligned and set the priorities straight, without investing additional time and resources.

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Send automatic follow-up and reminder notifications to clients

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Saves time and resources

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Ensures better communication with customers

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