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Lead Management is the essential ingredient to successful marketing and delivers results in terms of sales. The Lead Management module offers professional and trending services to evaluate and showcase the success of sales and marketing in bringing in business. The idea is to boost and emphasise on exceptional customer relationships because converting leads requires strong means of communication and what better than incorporating CRM in your business environment. With the use of smart web tools to access people at a single click, Lead Management identifies leads with the perspective of generating conversion, and measures ROI based on ads and online campaigns. This helps to carry leads and nurture them. The customers are the building blocks, and a CRM is the survival tool when it comes to driving sales and converting leads. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are participants in generating sales and their results are visible through Lead Management modules of CRM.

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View Leads on the Web

Web forms are an in-demand way of measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns and lead generation on online surveys and traffic on websites and contact forms. Use the right tools to generate leads automatically and engage them through automated ads on social media and other platforms.


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Track Customer’s Engagement

Engaging existing and new customers is always the primary focus point for any product and service company’s sales team. What better way can there be to measure engagement rate than through a fully automated Lead Management system like Genic CRM. CRM is the powerhouse for your sales teams. It makes life easier by offering analytics, assisted sales funnels, tools and techniques for email marketing, and much more.

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Track every form of traffic

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Turn leads into potential customers

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Better insights and analytics

Connect Leads from LinkedIn

The future of leads lies within social media platforms and to keep up with the transformations, using the Lead Management feature of CRM is the way forward. It initiates customer interaction and directs them to your website. Analytics and dashboard help you in personalizing social media marketing strategies based on post engagement, reach, and impression.

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Connects you to future customers

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Helps in making smart decisions

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Better social media marketing campaign


Connect Leads from Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform. It is a social marketplace and an ideal platform to get endorsements. Genic CRM offers the convenience of scheduling posts so you don’t have to wait to post, just schedule it and CRM contact management will take care of the rest. Besides connecting with consumers/ clients individually, based on their demographic and purchasing preference.

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Scheduling posts automatically

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Converts leads into potential customers

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Genic CRM can you help you overcome business challenges with performative technology and tech-driven solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to avail the benefits of CRM Solutions Singapore.

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