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What Are the Top Software Development Challenges and Solutions?

What Are the Top Software Development Challenges and Solutions?

February 14, 2021

The software industry is constantly growing and evolving which means you need to keep your software system updated for better functioning. A software system must be flexible, easy-to-use, and capable of withstanding any challenges. Note that custom software development is a highly technical job and requires expertise.

Many companies in Singapore are shifting towards building cutting-edge software to improve growth and overcome the challenges faced by their business easily. Software development companies can develop highly customized softwares for you according to your need. Here in this blog we will take a deep dive into how custom softwares are developed and discuss the challenges faced during custom software development.

The unclear vision between project and leadership and developer

The purpose of developing software for business is to improve efficiency engineering greater revenue. Unfortunately, most of the companies end up getting extra features within the software which has nothing to do with the business activities. This selection of features of software must be done by keeping in mind the scope or need of a business.

Having a clear vision regarding custom software development is important. If managers, finders, and developers are on the same page only then a software can be developed which fulfills the expectations and delivers maximum to run business operations fully. So stay clear on the scope of your business to get the software of your expectations.

Lack of communication between team members

If you have a large team for custom software development then the project can become pretty confusing due to miscommunication. Know that communication is the key to developing successful software. Adequate communication with the team members will keep you updated on the status of your project. Moreover, you can clarify whether you need to add delete a particular feature in the software, according to the feedback from the client.

Being a software development company with expertise in customized software, we provide the best solutions for you.

Misjudging overall costs and overspending

Calculating the exact cost of custom software development is not possible because there is always chances of unforeseen circumstances i.e., the addition of a new feature, overtime pay, etc.

To have a clearer idea about software cost, try to interact with software development company Singapore as they will give you a rough cost estimation in the beginning and it will save you from miss judging costs and overspending.

The complexity of integrating different systems and technologies

Keep your data integrated within a single platform as it can get messy and confusing in the future. All team members must be able to understand and interpret data to ensure that the project is going in the right direction.

SFDC, Eloqua, and Marketo are some of the known software used for integration that saves your team members from the configuration.

What are the benefits of a dedicated software development team?

benefits of a dedicated software development team
When it comes to developing software for your company, you may need to hire an entire team to fulfill the project. Hiring a complete team may increase the burden on your business so, it is wiser to handle this task to the software development company. They have the skills to develop the software to meet your needs and also it is cost-effective. Apart from these, some other benefits of outsourcing your project to a custom software development company are as follows.

Focused approaching high team engagement

A software development company has professionals to handle everything for you, they commit to your project and come up with the right solutions accordingly. They will respect the rules, values, and objectives of your business. Moreover, they stay focused on understanding the need of your business and fulfilling its goals.

Cost efficiency and instant access to talent

Managing an in-house team leads to an increased burden on your business, and finding the skilled and talented individuals to do the job is also time-consuming and tiring.

Hiring a custom software development company saves you from the hectic task of assembling your team. You will no longer have to worry about administration and management because all the candidates will work together efficiently to fulfill your expectations.

Increased productivity and adaptability

Your speed of development and productivity is what sets you different from competitors. Multitasking usually kills productivity and keeps you distracted. So, outsourcing your project to a software development company means that you are hiring a dedicated team who will stay focused on your project and other tasks that you assign them. Moreover, they have experience in the relevant field and will keep each other motivated to be more productive.

Full cost transparency

Software development services providers give a clear-cut idea to their clients about the costs, and a complete agreement is done before starting the project. It saves from any inconvenience in the future.

At genic solutions, we have a transparent system and we don’t charge additional or hidden fees. Also, we are strongly committed to our pricing policy and discuss everything before time so you can manage your budget ahead.

Proprietary project management and quality assurance

Another benefit of hiring a software development company is that it allows the client to have complete control over the dedicated team. The client will determine the work or task for each member of the team and can track and evaluate progress. You can either manage the team on your own or you can leave everything on the project manager.

Key to successful software Development

If you are looking to develop custom software the first and most important thing is to assemble a team with the right and skillful persons. Try to look for specialists who have relevant experience in this field, only they can do justice with your project.

On the other hand, if you hire a team of people who do not have the required skills to fulfill your project it will result in spending extra costs and delaying the process.

For example, if you’re developing software that involves animation, then always hire someone who has skills in developing animation.

Define deadlines and milestones

A custom software development team must come up with a project management plan which involves deadlines and milestones. Milestone is defined as the time till when the project of software development must be completed, and there are many deadlines till the milestone is achieved.

This software development is based on four stages i.e., Initiation, planning, execution, and closure.

Establish individual and team goals

The goal of the software development team revolves around projects deadlines and business goals. These goals can be short-term and long-term depending upon the needs.

The manager of the development team must specify the goal for each team member and should set up meetings to evaluate the performance of each team member.

How to pick a good custom web application development company?

Having a software system designed especially, to meet the needs of your business is important as it allows you to have access to your business data 24/7, and complete control over other activities of your business. If you have decided to outsource custom software development then your real focus should be to select developers with the right skills and experience.

Here is how you can ensure that you are choosing the best custom software development company to meet your business needs.

State the need of your project clearly before hiring

The most important thing that you should discuss with the developers is the demand for your project. The more you define the project properly, the better outcome you’ll get. Moreover, the discussion with the developer will let you know if they are capable of handling the project or not.

It’s always better to do your research before as it saved you from inconvenient circumstances.

Go through the portfolio

Custom software development companies have usually developed a section of experience around their website, don’t forget to go through it. Taking a look at their past projects will give an idea about their work, expertise, and whether they are capable to handle your project or not.

If they have a great portfolio relevant to your project then you must contact them.


To mark a difference in the business world and to beat your competitors, you need to have a software system, specifically designed for your company. Software development is a challenging job that requires skills why worry when Genic Solutions is here to help? We are the best software development company in Singapore, contact us now to get the software for your needs.

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