Web Application Solutions We Offer

Genic Solutions has years of experience building high-quality progressive web applications for clients that improve the value of brand.

E-Commerce Web App Development


Web apps for e-commerce are available to conduct online transactions. Integrate your company with a web application, and you’ll quickly notice an increase in sales and website views.

Custom Web App Development


We create unique web applications for our clients. Our procedure makes sure that quality is maintained throughout. Our team will take care of testing, support, and front-end and back-end development.

Web App Re-engineering


Are you sick of your outdated web application?? Don’t worry; we have you covered there. Your web app will be reengineered by our specialists to become the best in the business for you.

Responsive Web App Designs


We develop responsive web apps with an emphasis on user experience and simple navigation. With years of experience, our designers can help with the design process to create a flawless web app.

Manage the Entire Lifecyle of Application

Whatever you require, our experienced developers will manage everything that helps you to achieve your objective!

Website Development / Web App Launch

We approach web development with a proactive mindset, focusing on ways to identify less evident business requirements, save money, and foresee risks for your project.

Why Choose Genic Solutions:
  • Team of skilled and experienced UX researchers.
  • Having years of consulting experience in various industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and many more.
  • Good command of major app architecture types like cloud-native, event-driven, serverless, headless, and service-oriented.
  • We design database architecture to achieve higher performance, security, and scalability.
  • Website application full-stack development.

Web App Redesign

Genic Solutions help you to improve the usability, functional depth, and visual value of existing online applications. As a result, you will see better and increased web conversion rates, minimized maintenance costs, and improved ROI by optimizing business operations.

Why Choose Genic Solutions:
  • Achieve higher scalability by re-architecting of the web app.
  • Redesign of an old technology stack.
  • Providing UX and UI advancements for better visibility and usability.
  • Giving new features with an innovative web app.
  • Integration of various business modules into a single web-based application.

Common Project Scope of Web Development by Genic Solutions

Genic Solutions deliver strategic web application development process based on your business scale and requirements.

Consulting & Business Analysis

Our comprehensive business analysis focuses on the need to outline the scope of the solution. In this phase, we analyze your present business challenges, opportunities, and various advantages that boost your business growth.

Front-End Development

We provide interactive front-end development services to businesses of all sizes to build unique, secure, and scalable applications. With project stakeholders, we determine the appearance and feel of a web application before using front-end code to make it a reality.

Back-End Development

Our developers work on proven frameworks for quick and quality backend coding. In this phase, we implement your business logic for your web app on the back end.


Our developers set APIs for your web app by integrating third-party systems and services. With successful app integration, it allows you seamless data synchronization between platforms.

Help desk

Genic Solutions team deploy hot fixes within 24 hours to avoid or fix any usage, technological, and code issues that may develop. We assist you in making your web app highly available and functionally error-free.

Continuous Support

We make improvements to your web-based software to keep it effective, marketable, and compliant with all of your changing company needs. We can deploy urgent upgrades in 1-2 days thanks to our proven procedures.

Team Up with Genic Solutions for Web Development

Genic Solutions team of website developers will design and create your website accurately, quickly, and in accordance with your aims. We have a team of:


UX Designers – a team of skilled and experienced UX designers who are highly skilled in UX strategy, competitor research and analysis.


Backend Developers – highly skilled team of backend developers with strong expertise in different backend languages, frameworks, and technologies.


Front-end Developers – team of developers who have expertise in various programming languages, frameworks, and APIs.


Software Testers – our software testing professionals perform a quality analysis to ensure a flawless system with a complete focus on end-user requirements.

Are you Ready to Move your Business Forward?

Genic Solutions understand your business requirements and are able to build customized solutions that fit your business. Let’s start your Website Development project with us!

Plus Points of Developing Website with Genic Solutions

Our web application development services provide you with numerous benefits:


Increase engagement and conversion rates with modern UI.


Agile methodology for web application design and development.


Business analytical insights for flawless concept creation.


Streamline business operations with seamless integration.


Update and scale your business website for future necessities.


Reduce the bounce rate and error with intuitive UX.

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