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About Us

Elevating businesses to new heights with technology that matters. Genic Solutions knows what it takes to rejuvenate enterprises and take them forward.

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Genic Solutions is a dedicated digital transformation consultancy, helping global businesses to innovate their day to day operations. Focused on the quality of service and the needs of the clients, Genic Solutions encourages firms to find their best potential with the help of cutting-edge technology. In other words, we help companies compete in the global market with a reimagined structure and powerful bang.

And Now It’s your turn. Genic Solutions have a solution for every Business out there
And Now It’s your turn. Genic Solutions have a solution for every Business out there

Brand Story

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Genic Solutions is a Singapore innovation company that was incepted in response to a market failure in the country’s technology sector.

The world is changing at the speed of thought.
Business challenges are getting more complex.
Technology gaps are widening at alarming rates.

Big and small companies alike are struggling to find genius solutions that will allow them to digitalize, modernize and revolutionize their business to stay two steps ahead of the competition.

Genic is here to help you overcome this digital underperformance so that you can focus on the business of growing the business.

And Now It’s your turn. Genic Solutions have a solution for every Business out there


We are a team of young, skilled and ambitious software engineers who believe wholeheartedly that digitalization is the key to transformation.

We have developed advanced enterprise solutions that remove operational bottlenecks, reduce work errors and realize dramatic efficiency gains.

In other words, we act as a digital force multiplier that allows you to scale up the business minus the growing pains that often come with growth.


One of our key development principles is that a great piece of technology is one that is 100% transparent to the user.

No matter how complex that technology is, it must work simply, smoothly and speedily to supercharge your business processes.

We keep sending prototypes back to the drawing board to be redesigned and recoded until we are sure that they will work beautifully in the hands of people who are not software engineers.

When you implement a Genic enterprise solution, you won’t even feel the presence of the technology but you will see all the benefits.

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Since inception, we have committed ourselves to provide innovative and cost-effective services only. Staying true to our mission, we have helped a plethora of companies with a myriad of technological solutions that are empowering them to this date.

With our year of experience and glut of knowledge and skills, Genic Solutions aims to turn innovation to result-driven solutions


The world is advancing, and we know that digitalization is here to stay! Businesses need tech-savvy support more than ever today. Genic Solutions engages in continuous learning and development because Our Professional Team and the extremely talented pool of experts are the core of our services.

Our vision is to enhance its quality of services and extend support to other businesses – Together we grow

Brand Position

Our Vision

For Every Business To Be Digital

Our Vision defines the future that we want to create for the brand.
Our Mission
  • Go the extra mile on every project, big or small.
  • Excel in every aspect of our work to stay ahead.
  • Never take our eyes off the brand’s objectives.
  • Innovate non-stop to be better, faster, smarter.
  • Continue to learn, unlearn, relearn every day.
"Our Mission defines what we do in terms of Product, Process and People in order to achieve our ambitious Vision. "
Our Brand Values
1. Intelligent

We don’t just work hard. We work smart by making sure that our knowledge is up-to-date so that we are always two steps ahead.

2. Innovative

We are always researching new ideas, new methods and new solutions to make us better, faster and smarter than before.

3. Intuitive

We work hard to make complex systems easy to understand and simple to use so that our clients can focus on the business of business.

"Our Brand Values defines the values that shape the way we think and act "

Brand Champions

At Genic Solutions we help businesses to achieve more success tomorrow with our structured approach and innovation for business solutions.

Innovating Team

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Our Clients

For Businesses of Today and Tomorrow

Genic Solutions can help you overcome business challenges with performative technology and innovative solutions.
So what are you waiting for? to avail the benefits.