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Types of Software Development You Should Know About

Types of Software Development You Should Know About

November 12, 2020

If you are planning on getting custom software to meet the needs of your business then you must be in search of software development services providers. Before you start searching for software developers the first step is to figure out what kind of software development do you need for your business?

There are different types of software development techniques and developers rely on various techniques to fulfill your project. Each type of technique has its strength and weakness and require a different skill set for development. Choosing the right type of software development will determine the success of your business.

Don’t know much about types of software development? You will learn about each type of software development in-depth that will help you in choosing the right software developers for your project.

What is Software Development Methodology Matters?

When it comes to software development, the selection of the relevant methodology is always underestimated. Before getting started on a project, if you discuss the methodology with your developers, it will save you from inconveniences in the future. So, it is important to discuss cost, schedule estimates, requirements, plans, and expectations for the execution of a successful project on time.

The Successful Software Development Methodology is Dependent On:

– Integrated development environment which supports code completion, task management, and other such features.

– Tools that cope with modification of codes, track changes.

– Testing tools that depict code functionality.

– Defect management tool which detects any issues and fixes them automatically.

– Automated build to check if the project is working accurately.

When an incorrect framework is followed it results in the following consequences

– Improper project management

– Miscommunication and inability to fulfill expectations

– Unnecessary delays

– Time wastage, cost slippage

If you are planning on choosing software development for your next project, be careful with your selection if you want to do everything as predicted and up to your expectations.

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Types of Software Development

There are many types of software development and the purpose of all of them is to build a better product and to ensure a smooth workflow. The selection of the type of software development depends upon the objective, team size, and goals of the project.

Now let’s discuss each type in detail so you can have a better idea.

Web Development

Web development is the process of designing web applications and people access them through the web browser. Web applications are different from mobile applications. For instance, web applications always require an active Internet connection, unlike mobile apps which don’t require internet.

Mobile Development

Mobile development, as the name indicates, involves designing applications that specifically run on phones, tablets, or smart watches. It is the most common type of software used these days.

When it comes to mobile development, the developers either specialize in Android or IOS. Both of these have different tools, frameworks, and languages.

Note that most of the companies have professionals who have specialized only in one. So, do your research properly before you start working with developers on a project.

Full-stack Development

Full-stack developers handle everything from the beginning to the endpoint and work on both front and back ends. They are responsible for designing a complete product. Strong programming skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking are some of the skills of a successful full-stack developer.

It is cost-effective to hire full-stack developers and you will get comprehensive software development.

Front End Development

Front-end development is the type of development that is visible to the client-side. In other words, it is the type of development that involves managing client-side behavior consisting of graphical elements of any system.

The front-end developers are concerned about building user interfaces. From creating layouts to visual aspects of the website, the developers cover everything. JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are some of the critical technologies which are used in front-end web development.

The developers also ensure the fixing of bugs so that the website runs smoothly across various browsers.

For better results, the back-end and front-end developers must work closely with each other.

Back End Development

Back-end development is a server-side behavior that emphasizes is on ‘behind the scenes’ product features such as strong software performance, safety, security, and reliability. Its main role is in empowering the software application, improving its functionality, and controlling everything backstage. The users do not have to see this part of software development

Ruby, Python, and Java are some of the programming languages that are used for backend development.

Front-end and back-end development are important for all types of software development.

Database Development

Database development provides the tools to an organization that they require to manage and organize the data. From planning and designing strategy to its maintenance, it includes everything. Database developer manages to design and modify the database to keep up with the needs of clients.

API Development

Application programming interface or API development refers to building particular standards which help various applications to communicate with each other. In other words, it is a platform through which various software interact with each other.

API allows developers to break traditional boundaries and go beyond to provide the best user experience.

Opening Google Maps to search for locations, checking the weather on your device, or using social media app on your phone are some of the examples of API development.

Embedded Systems Development

Embedded systems development is becoming much popular as it is used to create code by using specific programming languages. The code which is created is then used to control larger mechanical devices or machines. Everything outside of your computer systems is probably classified under an embedded system.

Digital cameras, smartphones, and heavy machinery are some examples of embedded systems development.

Feature-Driven Development

Feature-driven development (FDD) is ideal for larger teams and focuses on making progress on features. Moreover, it allows the team to move quickly on pre-defined standards.

Feature-driven development is now considered an older approach for software development.


Understanding the types of software development is important as it will help you in getting custom software development that fulfills the need of your business. Software development is not just limited to mobile applications and websites, there is more to it. Once you get custom software for your business, you will see it yourself. The selection of software development is based completely on your goals so, ensure to discuss it with your developers’ firsts.

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