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Know the Benefits of Outsourcing Custom Software Development

Know the Benefits of Outsourcing Custom Software Development

December 23, 2020

Custom software development service providers deliver software that are tailored to meet your business needs and streamline daily operations. Customized software’s bring efficiency to the industry and helps you in reaching your profit goals. So, if you wish to stay ahead of your competitors, then it’s high time that you consider investing in custom software development.

Once you have made up your mind about integrating custom software, the next question is whether you would handle software development in-house or outsource it? No doubt that the benefits of outsourcing services cannot be neglected. It is becoming a relatively desirable approach because not every business can afford to develop in-house custom software due to bottle necking factors such as expense and skill set.

In this blog, we will discuss outsourcing custom software development in detail so you can make an informed decision returns profit for years

Biggest Benefits of custom software development

Many businesses in Singapore rely on custom software development companies because such firms provide on-demand scalability, convenience, and high-quality software that fulfills your business needs.

Unique and on-demand product

Once you have explained to a custom software development company about your services and products, they will develop software specifically based on your company’s goals and objectives. Therefore, the software is not only unique, it aligns with your business objectives as well. Having customized software to manage business operations will help in the growth of your organization and generate greater revenue.


If you decide to go for pre-designed software, there is no guarantee whether it will meet your business needs or not. As a result, the functionality, and productivity of your business may be affected. On the other hand, custom software development is specially designed to meet your business goals. Besides, unlike predesigned software, you can update custom software according to your needs.

Better productivity

Your employees will be able to perform their jobs in a better way once they have software that runs smoothly and has all the required features. Moreover, this software will help them in performing their duties with more confidence, and in a shorter time, which ultimately increases overall productivity.

Higher return rate

Many companies feel reluctant in investing in a custom software development company because of the higher rates. Yes, indeed, custom software companies cost more initially, but if you look at the bigger picture, the return rates are much higher than the investment.

On the other hand, if you plan to invest in an in-house custom software development, the overall cost will be higher because of expensive licenses, purchasing of new hardware, and much more.

Higher efficiency

Custom software development brings efficiency to your business by allowing you to upgrade your business processes by switching to mobile solutions. Moreover, it allows you to stay ahead of your business competitors in the market.

Constant Technical Support

If you decide to go for custom software development you will have a consistent support of qualified IT professionals who will ensure that your software runs smoothly and minimize downtime.

Always go for a reliable custom software development company such as Genic Solutions, so whenever you face any problem with the software, we are always here to help you.

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Which Outsourcing engagement model is right for you?

If you want to bring efficiency and productivity to your business, then custom software development is your ultimate solution. There are different types of outsourced engagement models and you can choose them depending upon the needs of your business.


The outsourcing company is responsible for managing the complete project and will deliver the project according to your specifications.

Dedicated team

The outsourcing company will provide you with a team of skilled persons who will work on your project outside your organization. Unlike project-based, you share ownership of the project in this type of model.

Staff augmentation

If you don’t wish to outsource your project completely then staff augmentation is the best option for you. You can hire a software expert in your in-house team, to get better technical assistance and save yourself from the expenses of hiring additional employees.

Niche-specific custom software development for every industry

A professional and reliable custom software development company provides engagement models of different types to meet your business needs. It is crucial to go for a reliable outsourced software development company to avoid unfavorable circumstances.

At Genic Solutions, we offer engagement models of all types. Whether you need a software development company to manage your entire project or just some technical assistance for your project, we ensure to meet your demands. We aim to expand your business by using the right software development approaches.

We have been providing reliable software solutions for years. What are you waiting for? Let us show you how we can help your organization with our custom software development expertise.

Mistakes to avoid when outsourcing software development

Developing software is much more than coding and product launching. It requires a skillful workforce to develop software that runs smoothly. But with so many companies around how do select the one that will meet your needs? Below we will discuss some of the mistakes that you should avoid while choosing a custom software development company.

Be clear about your goals and objectives

A custom software development company will provide you with the desired outcome only if you explain your goals and objectives to them clearly. You must have realistic and approachable goals as they will directly impact your outcome. Before starting the planning of your project, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of developing the software?
  • What features should be present in the software?
  • Do you expect the company to look after the maintenance of the software?
  • Are you looking for an existing solution or building from scratch?
  • What will be the cost of development?


Before you go on trusting custom software development services providers, be sure to discuss the budget. Check if the company falls within your investment criteria and what services are they offering in that cost.

Do your research and approach different custom software companies and ask them about their services and costs. Compare the companies and choose the one that fits your budget. Don’t go for companies that provide services at cheap rates because chances are they lack quality or might not even be able to provide you with the desired outcome.

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Ask about the methodology

Most companies do not consider asking the methodology a software company uses to develop software as they think it doesn’t lead to the desired ROI. Being a renowned software development company, our approach is straight forward. We focus on providing software solutions that last. We use a practical Agile approach which results in concise and effective software.

Communication ground rates

Staying in constant connection with your software company is important to execute successful software. At the same time, transparency is also important in the development process because it minimizes the chances of misunderstandings and ensures that the company and the product owner are on the same page.

To avoid this problem, it is important to ask the company if they will keep you in the loop throughout the process? What are the technical focus and security policies of the company? And how do they ensure that the data is secured?

The answers of the development company will give you an insight on whether you should work with them or not.

Not doing sufficient research

Research is an important key factor as it will give you an idea if the company is reliable or not. Look for the previous work history of the company and see if they have worked with a business similar to yours? Was the work up to the expectation of the owner?


As stated earlier, software development is way beyond coding, and to get your desired outcome you must consider several factors before getting your software developed.

Genic Solutions provide you with reliable software solutions at affordable rates. Contact us now to get your code and let us turn your vision of a software “made for you” into reality.

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