Location Management

Keep all your warehouses and inventory in the palm of your hand by managing everything from a single location and that too, with greater efficiency.


Location Management

Effective management of the inventory is the heart of many businesses. But if your inventory spans across different warehouse locations, the process can become a bit more complicated. You might have varying levels of the same products in different locations, which can make paperwork very tedious.

From losing track of your stock levels to not understanding how much stock you need to order for each location, location management can become very costly if not done correctly. But there’s a solution to every business problem at Genic Solutions.

And to manage your inventory more efficiently, all it takes is our robust inventory system. Using top-notch and performance driven technology, Genic Solutions provides you with an excellent opportunity to manage all your inventory locations without any hassle. From creating categories to reporting, you can do everything in a timely manner.


Different categories

Divide your products into various categories spanning across multiple warehouses without any difficulty. You can create custom categories and assign products just with few clicks. Filtered searches with the help of filters, like product name and prices, can make it easier for you to search products if they are divided into organized categories. On the other hand, you can have a better overview of all the products in your inventory and streamline the way you manage space in your warehouses.

Locations setup

Genic’s inventory management system also allows users to integrate new locations in their systems with guided steps. Whether you are transferring the location of your warehouse or expanding your business, Genic’s IMS makes it easy for you to do integrate data and information about your new location without breaking any sweat. Simply put, our top-notch system caters to the needs of all businesses, regardless of their nature or size.


Location reports

Select a location or warehouse and get an extensive overview of its stock level, committed stock, inventory value, profit margin, and much more. Managing your inventory can be a very time consuming, especially if you have a lot on stakes. It is no secret that a well-functioning business, be it retail or eCommerce, depends upon accurate reporting and adequate tracking to make timely decisions. Genic’s inventory management system creates efficient location reports to help businesses delegate proper stock levels across all locations.

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