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How To Choose The Best Software Development Company In Singapore 2021?

How To Choose The Best Software Development Company In Singapore 2021?

January 12, 2021

If you want to bring automation to your business, you must get custom software developed for your company and run your business operations efficiently. Integrate software with customized features that fulfill your business needs and has a positive impact on business growth!

Are you looking for a software development company that would develop custom software at a reasonable price? Finding the right company can be pretty challenging. So, in this blog, we have shortlisted some of the points that will help you in choosing the best custom software development company.

Set your goals and expectations right

Before diving into the hunt for the right software development company, you must jot down the ulterior motive of getting custom software. The goals and objectives define your expectations from the software company. For a hundred percent, on-point results, you must explain your expectation to the company and have all your stakeholders aligned on it as well.

Tips to choose the right custom software development

Following are some of the points that you should consider before choosing the right custom software development company. At Genic solutions, we provide the best software development services and we do whatever it takes to keep up with your expectations within the budget.


This is the most important step as it will give you an idea about the company’s experience, and how they deal with their clients. It will also let you know that if they have worked with any company relatable to your business. Shortlist a set number companies and compare their past experiences to rate their capabilities.


In the brief meeting, you get to explain your objectives to the developers, and in return, they give you an estimated cost. The estimation of the cost before getting started on work will save you from overpaying. Moreover, it gives a realistic idea whether the company lies within your budget or not.

Client reviews

Looking at a portfolio is never enough, as you never know whether the company is sending out false portfolios to attract clients. So, it’s important to check client reviews, as it will speak the truth about their services and how well they treat their customers.

Client reviews are usually present on the main page of the company’s website. But how do you know if the reviews are genuinely written by clients? The best way to do so is by reaching out to the customers and ask them about their experience with the particular company. Or you can check the reviews on platforms like Upwork, good firms, etc.

Community involvement

Another criterion for checking the credibility of companies is by looking at their certificates and awards, participation in conferences, publications, guides, etc. The professional software development services also arrange workshops, webinars, and meetings. Besides, these activities represent their interest in the IT community at the local or global level.

Social media accounts

Having an active social media profile represents that the company engages with its users and provides them with additional information. Check how often they update their website and post blogs. Through social media platforms, you can also estimate the proficiency of a company.

LinkedIn is a professional platform, which provides you the exact information about the company such as location, experience, employees, and much more.

Let suppose you have shortlisted a few software development companies, all have skilled staff and experience. Now, how will you make the right decision of choosing one among them? To make an informed decision, the first thing you would do is by checking the reviews of those companies in outsourcing platforms such as LinkedIn, Clutch.

Engaging with an agency versus in-house

Whether you go in-house or choose to outsource software development, both have their own benefits. But if your company is short on budget and you do not have the time required to form a development team and train them for months, then you should go for hiring a software development company. Because software development requires qualified and technical staff, otherwise it will end up having glitches that will ultimately affect the performance of your business. The professional agencies have qualified and technical staff to handle your project. Keeping in mind the objectives of your business they will develop custom software that will run your business operations smoothly.

Getting software developed from a professional company will bring you peace of mind and you will be able to stay more focused on the critical activities of your business.

What do you know about outsourcing software development?

There are many services that a software development company provides i.e., from building software from scratch to providing maintenance or security services and much more. Generally, outsourcing of software development services is based on three types of models.

  • Location-based model
  • Project-based model
  • Relationship-based model

The benefit of hiring a custom software development company is that they will fulfill your project within the committed time frame and within the agreed budget. Moreover, the responsibility of risk is completely on an outsourcing company.

Should you hire a software development Company with cheap rates?

Always keep in mind that if you go for selecting the company with cheapest services then it will cost you ultimately, one way or the other. It’s because they might not have the right sources to fulfill your expectations and you will end up facing the following drawbacks.

Code debt

If you choose cheap software development services, chances are that they will provide you with improperly written codes that return false information, for which you will eventually have to pay more to get it fixed.

Bundled code

The unprofessional software development company will provide you with bundled code for which you will have to get a license separately.

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Lack of understanding

Another possible reason why they have agreed to provide you with services at a low cost is that they do not completely understand your expectations from the software

So don’t look for cheaper solutions when it comes to software development services because you will end up getting tricked.

How to choose the perfect software development company: The initial steps

The whole process of selecting a software development company is based on three steps.

  • Basic research
  • Tech research
  • Face to face meeting

Basic research

  • Before you get to searching, Ask yourself these two questions.
  • What are the needs of your business?
  • Which company can live up to those needs?

Red flags

Not every software development company is reliable and if you pay a little attention to the details, you can easily sort it out.

  • Reliable custom software development companies provide you with realistic estimations and have a transparent system.
  • Reliable companies are active on social media platforms and keep their clients updated throughout the project.

Tech research

The next important step is to develop technical understanding about the outsourcing company. The outsourcing company that you choose must keep up with the latest technologies and tools because only then they will be able to provide you tailored yet latest in solutions.

It is important to gather as much information as you can before setting the face to face meeting with the software developing company.

Face to face meeting

If you have found the right custom software development company, the next step is to arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss further details and develop a relationship. Explain to them your expectations and your business need so both of you are on the same page since day-1. Pay attention to what they say about your project to understand their business rationale and interest in your project. To ensure that your project is in hands of specialists, you must inquire about the members who will handle your project.

Advantages of using custom software development

Are you still in doubt that whether outsourcing software development is worth the money or not? Hiring the right custom software development company, Is important for your success in the future. Because these companies help businesses to reach their goals and provide you with the software of desired functionality and standards. Getting software developed from a software company is cost-effective and helps you stay focused on running your business.

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