DMS-Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer below and solve all your queries related to our software.

DMS-Frequently Asked Questions


Want to know how everything works at Genic Solutions. Find the answer below and solve all your queries. You can also contact our team if your question remains unanswered.

Genic delivery management software helps you to manage your delivery business efficiently whether you own a 3PL service or . Our software is designed to suit all types of businesses, from small organizations to large companies. The software solution comes with a mobile app that can be effortlessly installed on your smart devices and displays a real-time tracking feature for better control on your deliveries.

Simply speaking, to manage your delivery business easily with a single platform. Our delivery management software is developed to keep you up to date about orders and their status. You will get each update on your application in the form of notifications. Besides this, you can easily navigate through the interface to see the overall status. Our delivery management system also has communication and tracking features to keep you connected with the customers.

With Genic Delivery management software, we offer real-time tracking to our customers. This will help you stay organized and manage your fleet effectively. You can track your deliveries at any time of day or night and keep a check on the delivery performance from the comfort of your home.

Besides tracking which order is in process with a particular driver, you can also track the vehicle details, including the location, speed, and distance from the desired location.

Genic delivery management software is powerful and effective software that helps you manage your delivery business. You can avail of various custom-made services, including vehicle tracking, mobile application, delivery proof, etc. We modify our solution to make it fit for you organization

Our software is fed with a smart algorithm that creates the most efficient route plan based on the delivery addresses. This reduces overhead costs by reducing fuel consumption, delivery time and every workforce required to complete deliveries.

Delivery Management system streamlines your business operations by planning your deliveries efficiently, ensuring timely delivery, boosting your profitability, and satisfying your customers.It sends instant updates about your orders and allows you to track live location to make the whole process error-free.

Yes, DMS allows your customers to track their order through a link mentioned on your website, email, or text. It sends instant updates about your orders and allows you to track live location to make the whole process error-free, where all the stakeholders are fully informed.

Absolutely, you and your customers are updated about delivery status in real-time through a live map.

Yes, our DMS will keep your customers updated on the status of their orders through messages and emails such as that the rider has picked up your order and will be delivered within a certain period.

Orders are delivered efficiently

Faster and safer deliveries

Quick and real-time notifications

Customer satisfaction

Tracking and automated scheduling

To plan, deliver, and track orders efficiently to ensure better customers satisfaction.

Yes, the mobile App is available and it supports both Android and iOS.

Yes, you will get notifications about both successful and unsuccessful deliveries along with the reason.

There is no limit to track. You can track hundreds to even thousands of drivers at a time with Genic teams DMS. Our software solution is designed for both small scale businesses as well as large enterprises

Yes, you can send prompt messagesat every stage of the delivery process.

Absolutely, you will be notified about the completion of delivery as soon as the customer receives the order.

Yes, we will notify your customers about the ETA of the rider along with the rider credentials to avoid any inconvenience at both ends.

Yes, Genic teams DMS is easy to use software solution for your staff which makes your daily operations even smoother. It does not require any training, all the operations are automated and self-explanatory.

Yes, POD is an essential element of DMS, riders will use this feature to add picture, signature and name, number, citizen number of person receiving order.

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