Multichannel Selling

Integrate all your channels together at a single platform to manage all the operations in a seamless manner.


Multichannel Selling

It can be challenging to manage all the orders from a single channel, let alone multiple ones and that too when they have different dynamics—wondering how you can streamline your process? All you need is the Genic Inventory Management System to cover your needs. Our full-fletch tech solution can solve all your selling problems.

With our multichannel selling feature, you can integrate your channels on a single platform, sync your inventory, and keep track of the inventory easily. Our IMS makes multi selling super-efficient without having to shuffle from one paperwork to another.

Aiming for ease and convenience, our multichannel selling feature is primarily geared to boost your sales and growth by selling your valuable products on more than one channel. Say hello to record-breaking sales with Genic IMS.


Sell on multiple channels

B2C eCommerce: Run your very own online shop on Shopify, WooCommerce, and Squarespace

B2B eCommerce: Sell your products to another business at wholesale using online platforms

Marketplace: Reach out to myriads of customers from platforms such as Amazon

Mobile: Our robust iOS and Android app can help you manage your orders on the go

Sync inventory

Manage a single inventory to sell on multiple channels, transferring stock levels on various channels together. Why experience hassle of managing different inventories for different channels when you can do it all from a single one? At Genic Inventory Management System, you can sync all your products at one place and then manage one inventory to sell products across different channels. Accordingly, you can connect all your selling channels in a proficient harmony, cutting down the cost and time it takes to manage each one of them separately.


Manage orders

Manage your orders all from a central management software even if they are placed on different channels. Whether you are selling wholesale products from an online shop or individual items on Amazon, you can view, confirm, track, and even cancel orders all from Genic Inventory Management System. This makes it easy for our users to manage their businesses in the most timely manner and do everything with sheer proficiency. Our inventory management system for small businesses, as well as the tycoons of the industry.

Sales performance of diff channels

Manage your sales performance by keeping track of your inventory and accounting on different channels from a single platform. Extensive reporting, filtered searches, and a well-managed inventory bring benefits in terms of effective management of sales performance. You can identify the products that are performing well and which channel is generating more income with our convenient management system. This will allow you to make excellent choices regarding the future of your business operations.


Avoid stockouts or overselling

Sync your inventory automatically with our software, so when you sell an item, the stock levels can be updated automatically. The last thing your business wants to do is to stock products more than people can buy or commit products when they are not even enough in the inventory. This is why Genic IMS allows you to view the stock levels of all your channels from a single platform, transfer the products from one platform to another, and avoid these detrimental problems.

Publish to all channels in 1 go

Add, update, and publish any products you want on all your eCommerce channels simultaneously. Doing this separately can be very tedious and time-consuming. Genic IMS puts a limit on the hassle in your operations by allowing you to introduce your products to the customer across all the channels at the same time. So whether you sell your products on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or any other platform, you don’t have to reserve your time separately for each channel. You can manage all of them together using a single system.


Third Party Integration

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