Inventory Management

Manage your stock levels, make data-driven decisions, and skyrocket your business sales with Genic Solution’s robust inventory management system.


Inventory Management

Ran out of stock? Or got an extra stock that is no longer in demand? Make these issues a thing of the past. Genic Solutions Inventory Management comes with constructive solutions to give you complete control over your inventory.

There is no need to spend a hefty amount of time in clunky spreadsheets anymore. Our end-to-end inventory tracking software improvised with real-time asset data will turn around the ways you manage your products for good.

You can view all the information of your products just with few clicks or track their lifecycle using barcodes. Whether you have multiple inventories or you are just starting your business, our integrated tech solution can fulfil your vision. With accurate updates and timely reporting, your stock will always be at the right levels, for sure. Isn’t that what your business needs? It’s easier than it sounds.


Product listings

View the data of all your screen on one screen without being tangled in the forgiving loop of spreadsheets and documents. Our highly organized product listing table makes it easy to get insights into the stock on hand, together with information like their price, location, image, and committed quantity. In this way, you can quickly communicate the characteristics of your products to the customers, decide when to order more quantity, and neatly organize your inventory to benefit your team and the overall business.

Product details

View, add, and edit full information of the individual products in the most hassle-free way. You can add comprehensive descriptions of your products, expounding on their most prominent features and benefits. You can also add aesthetic images of your products in your system quickly. Other than this, each product can be edited to include information like the number of variants, SKU code, supplier code and other information, weight, price, available stock, accounting rules, and various price lists like taxable options, pack sizes, sellable options, and notes.


Products variants

Record variants of the products and view them easily. Each product can have many variants. The information of these variants can be added in the system, which may include their individual SKU, quantity, image, price, stock, and location. And that’s not it. You can also view the real-time stocks of all the variant products, together with their movement history, orders placed, and the quantity of the variants committed for each order.

Centralized inventory

With the Genic Inventory Management system, you no longer have to worry about low stocks and overstock. Now you can manage your inventory spread across multiple channels all from a single platform. Whether you sell your products on Amazon and eBay or run your very own shop at Shopify, you can connect your selling channels altogether. In this way, when you’ll sell your products, your inventory quantities will automatically be updated across all the channels. There’s no better way for syncing than Genic’s inventory management system.


Barcode inventory management

Keep track of your products’ information and movement using unique barcodes easily. You can scan the barcodes of your items and quickly access important information about them. On the other hand, you can also scan the barcodes and let the fields auto-populate themselves every time when you purchase order, create an invoice, or make sales. Because why rely on manual search when you simply let the system do it for you?

Third Party Integration

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