Purchase Order Management

Rely on our purchase order management feature to ensure that your purchases are justified and rational. Make the best pick from your vendor database and replenish your inventory at the best bargain


Purchase Order Management

If you rely on manual ways to manage your purchases or orders, you might end up making mistakes and will never be as efficient. Ordering may seem simple process but in reality, it is much more complex because it involves coordination between different departments. Moreover, manual inventory management has chances of errors which may lead to delayed order deliveries leaving a negative impact on your business. So why waste your time when you can rely on software for purchase order management? Genic solutions offer you a purchase order management system that will help you in managing your purchases and fulfilling your sale orders efficiently. It not only keeps track of order until it is fulfilled but also keeps a record of customer payment method and other information. This software helps you in the timely delivery of the order and prevents you from facing the issue of low inventory. The PO is kept under radar until paid out. Whether you need help with your contractor supplier database or order management, our purchase order management system is a one-stop solution to all your problems. It’s time to speed up your order completion process by switching to automated ways because if you focus on providing the best user experience it will ultimately generate greater revenue for your business and your customers will show brand loyalty


Vendor, Supplier & Contracts Management

Keeping up with your suppliers and contracts can be a tedious and time taking job. Whether you need to manage your vendor, suppliers, or contract database, our software is here to streamline your process. You can store information about your vendors and suppliers in our software so you can get access to it easily whenever you need it. Switch to our software solutions to streamline your tasks and get your work done in a better way.

Purchase Order Database

The Purchase Order Database utilizes automated ID allocation feature to save the time of your staff from the manual allocation. Within the database, you can view PO status, ordering quantity, lead time, payment method. Every PO is exclusive kept under consideration until marked complete In addition, the integrated payments have made the process of accounting and payment much more-easier


Third Party Integration

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