Project Management

Track movements of your project, organize and schedule individual and team tasks through a single platform no matter where you are.


Project Management


Deliverables & Project Lifecycle Management

Imagine having software for your business that will manage your project milestones, and help you in meeting your deadlines and do all the paperwork for you. Genic Project Management Software is integrated with various sophisticated modules that will manage your project from the beginning till the end. From chalking out independent tasks to identifying deliverables and milestones, our software has got you covered. It saves your time by keeping the tasks aligned based on its predecessors and allows you to track project status at any moment. Hassle-free management of the project leads to better execution of the project.

Proposal Management

Managing multiple projects at a time can be pretty hectic and leads to confusion, especially when your team members are not able to coordinate with each other due to time zone differences and offline communications. Automate your operations and handle your project in the most efficient way possible through software that empowers your business. Switch to our software which ensures improved collaboration between team members. You can now workout proposals using templates and official templates within the project management module. This saves project managers time by standardizing the process so every member on the team knows where to add their inputs.


Workflow Management

When it comes to managing a project, you must be careful in managing workflow. A project is completed by collective efforts of various team members, and to meet the deadlines you must schedule the task for each team member. Today we have project management software that makes the execution of a project much easier, from prioritizing the work to improved collaboration. You can check the status of the project at any time through this software.

Third Party Integration

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