Lead Management

Turn your website audience into customers, and generate more sales with our lead management algorithm. It drives audience attention to your brand, monitors lead and conversion records, and workout ways to improve clientele.


Lead Management

Generate more sales and drive organic traffic is the pain point of every business? Lead management is a successful marketing strategy that will increase the profits of your business. It focuses on building strong customer relationships through better communication. Client Resource Management is a survival tool that retains your customers and generates potential sales. Marketing through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. is a common strategy and the lead management feature of Genic Project lets you know about the insights of results through built-in algorithm. No matter what’s the size of your business is, if you wish to convert your leads into a sale then you must have our lead management system in place to efficiently manage your sales and customers.
Handling business operations manually is never enough, you need to switch to automated ways to increase productivity, and provide the best user experience. The software allows you to manage all operations smoothly through a single point. Moreover, it allows you to keep track of all the activities on your website, so you can stay in touch with the visitors and convert them into customers. From analyzing to nurturing, this software has got it all covered.
With Genic Projects’ capabilities you can reach your sales target with less effort and time. Our system will auto-generate welcome message for visitors on your website and pursue them to availing services, automate your sales process, schedule and log meetings. Having software with such promising benefits will be beneficial for your business forever.


Leads through Social Media

Social media is a great platform to attract audience. Make an active social media appearance and stay connected to your users through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Our software allows you to determines efficacy of your business’ social presence and marketing strategy in terms of conversion rate and lead generation. It tells you whether your social media strategy is working or not based on your engagement across social media, so you can make smarter and effective marketing strategies. With our software, you can also schedule posts, and our contact management feature will take care of the rest.

Performance Monitoring dashboards

Monitoring the insights of your marketing campaigns, traffic on the website, and lead generation is important as it lets you know about your progress and decide way forward. By keeping your progress under vigilance, you can make informed decisions that can take your business to right direction. Our lead management feature allows you to track and monitor your performance through real-time dashboards, so you can manage the key factors that are required to achieve the business goals. Genic Projects software at Genic Solutions is what you need to measure your performance and stay connected with every minute detail of your business.


Automatic Email Triggers

Staying in touch with your customers through email is important. Switch to an automatic email system so you can reply instantly to your customers, let them know you have received their query and notify them about discounts and other offers. After all, the key to building a strong relationship with your customers is prompt response. Besides, you can even send them customized messages via emails
Our Lead management software allows you to send multiple emails at a time, which saves your time and effort of sending emails one by one. The email replies are automatically generated and the users get instant replies, all thanks to this software. Moreover, it also monitors sales results of every promotional email sent out to attract customers

Follow-up & Reminders

Follow-up is important if you want to retain your customers. Send a message or email to update them about your offers and discounts so they don’t forget about your product or service. With our software, you will never have to worry about follow-up as the module automatically does its job at the right frequency.
You can also set important reminders in this software so you continue to provide excellent services to your customers that convert.


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