Gantt Chart

Create Gantt charts for your projects to manage them efficiently and meet targets without rushing. By getting visual displays of your project progress, you can stay ahead and adjust to the approaching deadlines.


Gantt Chart

One of the most essential project visualization tool to display the planning of a project. With Gantt chart, view a side by side display of the list of tasks with the deadline to meet those tasks. It is a complete project plan which shows starting and ending dates of tasks, teammates who are assigned with the tasks, and other dependencies. Gantt charts are widely used for the management of projects and provide you bird’s eye view of projects.
If you want to be efficient in meeting the deliverables of your projects, then the Genic Project’s Gantt chart is your way to go. It allows you to keep track of the progress and gives you an idea about where you are lagging behind the schedule. No matter how complex the project is or how many team members it involves, Gantt charts make it easier to finish the project by splitting it into smaller milestones according to the availability of resources. Moreover, our Gant chart templates also show how planning will impact the overall execution of the project.
Whether you need a visualization tool to monitor the progress of the company or to manage your projects, our Gantt chart module is your ultimate solution. Many interior design companies rely on our software to manage their projects. It offers flexibility and adaptability with the end goal of enabling you to execute the project in an efficient way.


Manage Project Timeline

Powerful tools like the Gantt chart allow you to manage projects and organize tasks within the timeline. Its promising features allow you to customize workflows according to the availability of team members and resources. With our Gantt chart tool, you can track, execute, and share your work with your teammates efficiently. When you have software by your side to handle manage your project, you can focus on what really matters. It not only increases the productivity of your team but also helps you in finding unique ways to accomplish the task.

Schedule and assign tasks

While handling a project, the most difficult task is to schedule and assign work to teammates. If you make even the slightest negligence while assigning the task, it will harm your overall project execution. Why devote your time in assigning tasks when you can use our Gantt chart tool to do so. This tool consists of portals where team members can share their progress. By using this feature of the Gantt chart, you can make your project hassle-free.


Monitor milestones

Keeping up with the progress of your project is important to ensure that it is completed on time. Our Gantt chart tool allows you to monitor the status of important milestones and determine in which direction your project moving. If your project is not meeting the deadlines, then the Gantt tool allows you to make necessary adjustments to improve the progress rate of the project. Gantt chart includes important information about the project that is required to track its progress.

Determine task dependencies

Planning and executing interrelated tasks takes careful planning. Dependent tasks possess a huge risk of project delays because the team can only be mobilized on such tasks once the previous one is completed. Automated Gantt chart readjusted the project timeline in real time based on unforeseen circumstances. This feature is very important especially when multiple projects are running at once.


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