Customer Management

To Keep up with your customer’s expectations and build a strong customer base through effective communication. From retaining existing customers to finding new ones, Genic Projects finds ways to make your business reach new heights


Customer Management

Customers are the backbone of every business, and if you wish to beat your competitors then you must come up with strategies to keep your customers more than just satisfied. You must have a proper management system which helps you stay in touch with your clients and provide customer support. Keeping an eye on project details, meeting deadlines and making you’re your clients are satisfied with your services becomes almost impossible if you continue to rely on manual ways. Today, many interior design companies are switching to automated systems to handle the paperwork of projects to provide the best user experience. When you have countless competitors around you, retaining your clients and finding new ones is extremely challenging. So, what would you do? Switch to a holistic software system that holds the backbone of your business. Without automation, it is nearly impossible to deliver the best services to your customers. Genic Solutions provides end-to-end project management software that will assist you in running your operations smoothly. You can get real-time notifications from customers, provide customer support, and bridge the gap between support teams and customers, all through this software. This software also stores basic information of the clients, all under one platform to stay in touch with them in the future. When you get our software for your business, you will be able to build a strong relationship with your clients which will lead to more profits in business. Streamline your business operations and rely on our software to manage your projects, quotations, bills, records, and much more. Allow us to handle your queries in the most efficient way possible.


Customer Satisfaction Survey

The ultimate goal of every business is to retain customers and find new ones, and this is only possible if you provide remarkable customer services. If the customer is satisfied with your services, they will become loyal to your brand and always prefer you over your competitors. Genic Projects allows you to stay in touch with your customers so you can find out how they feel about your services. Automated surveys and follow-up calls are generated to have meaningful conversation with clients who have availed your services, with the intension to learn about their feedback – how happy are they with your products and would they recommend you to their friends and family. Our software makes it easier for customers to connect with the support team which will add more value to the customer journey. The customer support team will then pass the information to the sales team, so they can make the changes accordingly and improve their services.

Consolidated Customer Database

Gathering and maintaining proprietary information of customers is important to keep in touch with them in the future. The inability to consolidate customer database will lead to lower visibility to information that may be necessary to execute project and follow up on nitty gritty. Repeatedly inquiring customer’s contact information, missing out on project discussions can lead to discontent and frustration at customer end. Moreover, you will be missing out on important insights. Our integrated software solution is efficient and allows you to store all your customer’s data on a single platform – an essential ingredient to streamline your sales and marketing. With our software, the support team will have all the important information of customers thus making it easier for the support team to assist customers.


Meeting Logs

Two-way communication with great clarity is the strength of a successful business. If you answer your customers on time and solve their queries with thoroughness, they will appreciate the transparency of doing business and stay loyal to your brand. Meeting logs hold a great amount of significance in B2B companies. These logs hold essential data such as meeting agenda, hold points, action items and follow ups. With our mobile app, you can now set meetings with customers to provide customer support. Once the meeting is done you can notify your other team members about the minutes of the meeting.

Third Party Integration

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