Genic Projects -Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer below and solve all your queries related to our software.

Genic Projects -Frequently Asked Questions


Want to know how everything works at Genic Solutions. Find the answer below and solve all your queries. You can also contact our team if your question remains unanswered.

Genic Projects Management Software helps you manage your business in a smooth and hassle-free way along with offering higher conversion rate. Our specially designed tools manage client contact details and communication thread effectively in addition to project timeline. And that is one of the reasons that Genic Solutions has almost 150,000+ clients from all around the globe

Here at Genic Solutions, you can get some of the amazing services that can help your business grow. You can get all the queries solved on a single platform from management to application development.

Genic Project Management offers many features including

  1. Inventory management system
  2. Mobile application development services
  3. Project Management through Gantt Chart
  4. Data storage
  5. Customer relationship management
  6. Client’s Contact Management
  7. Quotation and Contract Management

At Genic Solutions, our topmost priority is to keep all the information of our clients safe and secure. So you do not need to worry about it at all. Our software solutions are designed according to international standards of Data and information security to keep all your credentials and details completely safe.

To keep you up to date about every slightest bit of detail, we give mobile application with all of our software solutions. Our mobile application development feature can help you stay informed even when you are out of office. It caters to the needs of all android as well as IOS users. You can easily download the application on your smart devices, including phones, laptops, pcs, and tablets.

You can customise a variety of things according to your business. This can include customised dashboards and reports. These customised reports are made after thoroughly understanding the business. With our reports, we provide a way to track your business progress better and effectively.

When you transfer all your day to day process to our system, you save time and resources reserved for repetitive jobs and increase your capability to handle projects. Our system takes care of executing things smoothly and error free. On time responses and perfect transactions lead to happy returning customers who even refer you to friends and family.

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