Bring efficiency to generate higher sales with our interior design management software

With our software, you can keep track of every single detail of the projects, manage your customers contact list, general inquiries, invoices, and much more.


The best strategy to build a bond with your customers is by providing them with an outstanding quality of services and customer support. Building a progressive relationship with your customers has never been easier, all thanks to our customer relationship and project management software, Genic Projects. From building a strong customer base to increasing the productivity of your interior design business, the software solution holds promising benefits for your Interior Design business. Make better decisions to capture more leads with the help of our software solution, specially designed for catering Interior Design companies.


Better project management

Maintain records and ensure that the project is delivered perfectly within time.


Increased customer satisfaction

Focuses on providing better customer support, and services.


Enhances productivity

Keep your team members motivated and promote efficiency to speed up your sales cycle.


Generate greater revenue

Helps you analyze business performance so you can make better and profitable decisions.

Beat your competitors and make a difference in the market by providing great project execution skills and exceptional customer support.


Why Us?

Keeping up with the deadlines and finishing orders without errors is hard, especially when you are in the interior design business which requires extreme care. Not providing the best customer services will leave a negative impact on your business and jeopardize the opportunity to excel in market. With Genic Projects, enjoy the ease of executing projects more efficiently than ever, while keep up with your deadlines

Our software is specially designed to satisfy your customers, generate more leads, manage your order, invoices, bills efficiently and make informed decisions that will be helpful for your business in the long term. It’s time to out-stand your competitors with our software solutions.

Our Industry

Manage your business operations efficiently

Relying on manual ways to manage the business While living in a digital world is not an option, especially if you want to come at par with your competitors. Efficient planning is what is needed to run a successful business. You must have clear plans about how will you manage your orders, provide customer support and everyday business operations. But chalking out plans on paper, with such details, is next to impossible. At Genic Solutions, we provide efficient solutions so you can keep up with your everyday business operations and stay ahead of operational constraints. Genic Project software allows you to manage your business through a single platform, and provide you with information about performance trends so you can make informed decisions.

Genic Project software – One solution to all your problems

Our customer relationship and project management software is a powerful tool that assists you in solving problems and managing everyday business operations. From small to large businesses, this software provides solutions for all. With Genic Projects, you can record every interaction and meeting, which will lead to better planning and scheduling. We promise to provide the best customer support service and a software solution that allows you to deal with multiple customers at a time via emails, messages, etc. Genic Projects will help you in gaining the trust of your customers and will prove to be a game-changer for your interior design business.

Gone are the days where you had to worry about meeting deadlines and providing customer support, as Genic Solutions comes forward with a software solution that will help you manage your interior design business seamlessly. With the Genic Projects software by your side, you will no longer have to worry about hiring additional staff to manage your business. Moreover, the software retains the basic information of the customer so you can stay in touch with the customer for recurrent business. The information stored is safe and secure.
Support your business by investing in our customer relationship and project management software, and see what wonders it does for your business.



At Genic Solutions, we make no empty promises regarding the quality of the service we provide. Instead, we let our testimonials speak for themselves. Check out what our customers have to say about our seamless and top-notch tech solutions.

I am very satisfied with the service of Genic Solutions. I did not know much about the software that I can use in my business, but the company solved all my queries professionally. Thank you!

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