Track your deliveries like never before – Genic Solution Delivery Management System can help you grow your business

Invest in our delivery management system to make your deliveries error-free and efficient.


The growth of your business depends on how efficient you are in providing your services to your customers. Especially if you are running an online business or offering logistics to e-Commerce and other business. You must ensure timely deliveries to satisfy your clients and end-users. Switching to automated ways streamline your business operations, and eliminates the chance of jumbling up deliveries. Want to excel? Execute your order delivery seamlessly, boost your profitability, and satisfy your customers with our efficient delivery services.


Effective Delivery Management

Spend less time on manual planning and ensure swift delivery with our delivery management software.


Track your orders

Get visual update of package status and even track location of each order on our live map.


Quick notifications

Always stay updated on the movement of your orders through our instant notification feature.


Better customer satisfaction

Meet the demand of your clients and provide customer satisfaction by delivering with minimum lead time.

Mark an impression on your customers with our glitch-free delivery management system


Why Us?

Attracting new customers and retaining the old ones is challenging. Growing business and sustaining reputation in the market is nearly impossible with manual, old-day business processes. Stay ahead of your competitors by embracing software solutions that bring efficiency and ensure unmatched customer service. You can now get real-time notifications, ensure customers satisfaction and generate greater profits for your 3PL business, all with help of software.

At Genic Solutions, we offer you a delivery management software which is the need of every e-Commerce business to meet their pick-up and delivery goals effortlessly. From prioritizing the tasks for your drivers to ensuring seamless deliveries and allowing you to keep track of every order, our delivery software has got your back. With its promising features, our software ensures to fulfill the needs of every business.

Our Industry

Error-free faster deliveries – a game-changer for your business

Coming up with sustainable ways to satisfy your customers and withstand the threat of competitors is the biggest concern. For any e-commerce business, the order to delivery cycle is very crucial, and to keep up with the customer expectations you must be consistent with your quality of service. With our delivery management system, you can manage your delivery process seamlessly; While keeping a track of your orders with just a tap on your phone. Get real-time visibility from start to end, spend less time planning out your deliveries, and make your delivery secured with our efficient software. It’s time to switch to cost-efficient ways to manage your business.

Build a relationship with your customers that guarantees loyalty

Want to Develop a long term working relationship with your customers? Showing them how efficient you are in providing quality services while delivering their packages to recipients with zero delays and zero mishaps. Worried about how to ensure seamless and timely deliveries? With Genic Delivery Management System, you can not only track the location of your drivers but also notify your customers when their order is around the corner, without the need of a manual intervention. Our software solution significantly reduces errors and the need for customer service calls. It allows you to manage large number of orders effectively at affordable rates by devising delivery routes based on delivery addresses and Prioritizing the tasks for you so you don’t skip on your important deliveries.

It’s time to improve the profitability of your business

Profitability in a 3PL business is proportional to the quality of customer service. To ensure a constructive user experience it is wiser to rely on automated ways. Handle your business in the most efficient way possible and generate great revenue by integrating our highly technical software solution. By facilitating you in managing your orders to the point where it is dispatched and finally received, our software will handle everything for you. Our delivery management software is designed to work in multi-dimensional setups such as pharmacies, restaurants, or any other e-commerce business.You can even get the software customized with business specific features that fulfill your operational needs.



At Genic Solutions, we make no empty promises regarding the quality of the service we provide. Instead, we let our testimonials speak for themselves. Check out what our customers have to say about our seamless and top-notch tech solutions.

I am very satisfied with the service of Genic Solutions. I did not know much about the software that I can use in my business, but the company solved all my queries professionally. Thank you!

Peter Hill

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