Product and Services Management

Manage your Products and it’s related services with some automatic features with our Genic Solution’s fast and reliable CRM software.


Product and Services Management

A company with a well-managed product and services display is bound to divert their fair share of sales and is surely the main focus of any company. Product and Services management is a skilled art; modern ways of doing business emphasises on the core usage of support tools to maintain product listings up to date and in the most user friendly way. Along with the management of catalogue, it determines the stock level, product obsolescence by keeping a track record of inventory. The tools are perfect to replace and save time and resources reserved for these mundane tasks. Besides, taking things online makes it convenient to coordinate and deal with the customers even if they are distant from you. With CRM in place, the clients can be dealt with in the best and the most professional way available.


Up to Date Product Listing

With the increasing trend of one-stop, end-to-end solutions by offering multiple services under one umbrella, managing products and service listings manually has become a great challenge. Naturally, the number of brand partners, vendors triple up and so does the back and forth communication with clients and vendors; leaving a big room for misquoted pricing, service level and lead time to the end user customer. Here the role of professional alignment can bring about a positive change. The product listing feature of CRM offers an easy way for real-time adding, editing, and removing products, vendors and services from your online catalogue so that your customers always have the most updated information. Save time and improve customer relationships by simply integrating CRM in your environment.

Managed Dashboard

Genic Solution CRM offers pre-designed as well as custom designed dashboards that maintains and updates every second based on the on-going activities between vendors, customers and you. Adding visibility to the routine transactions helps keep stakeholders informed and gain their confidence at the same time. It displays all the high level information making it possible to cross-check the technical information regarding any customer or order.


Services Listing

Aesthetically pleasing outlook and user-friendly interfaces are the two things that can set you apart from your direct competition. When the information is clearly categorized, grouped, linked, the reader feels comfortable in going through your document. Based on this natural tendency, our service listing feature creates a well versed list of services you have to offer in alphabetical order so that nothing goes unnoticed from the eyes of the customer and guarantees satisfaction.

Track Performance

The means of measuring performance is always an essential consideration when it comes to customer satisfaction and sales because in the end, it is the reason for doing business and you cannot avoid it at any cost. The reporting of the key indicators through sales volume and other metrics help improve forecasting and production planning and celebrate winning strategies. Active tools like performance dashboards and reports define the roadmap to the success of the company.


Automated Forecasting

It is great to know about the future and the best way to do it is by predicting customer behaviour. Our Product and Service Management module incorporates tools that assist with forecasting based on historical sales data, seasonal and environmental impact on sales volume to identify what the customer might demand. So you can plan your production, inventory and workforce prepared. Automated Forecasting is a great way to strengthen customer relationship and grow business.

Third Party Integration

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