Contact Management

Keep your client’s database and their person details to manage the services with our Genic Solutions Secure and Robust CRM features.


Contact Management

Correspondence with the customers takes place at many stages and they are always reached out though a different communication channel, based on the purpose of communication. This is a great idea as it improves the likelihood of getting your message through. Contact Management feature in CRM is based on the idea of tackling the hurdles in customer communication and support the employees responsible on the frontline of customer service. The ideal traits of a customer service function are not only a touchpoint but also a prerequisite for doing business, as the customers need to trust the service provider to deliver pre-sales and after-sales support, prompt response to queries and so on. It is ideal that the functional role of customer relationship management is enhanced and Genic Solution CRM is your way ahead.

Online contact management is a two-way system, so it is indeed helpful and generous not only for the company but also for the clients. For sure, it is offering a great deal of support and professional input to strengthen the tools for the real servicing. The tracking manner online is going to keep the customers alive for the whole year. This is a positive trait that is special in the alignment of the major and minor roles of the contacts and linkage services. With the formulation of certain trends and contact listing process, the company is liable to secure positive response from both, the clients and working staff. The customers find it generous as it may save their time and fatigue. They are getting the services online to have better access. The rewarding point is the contact alignment and the reach in this regard.


Communicate across channels

Taking customer relationship management online is a great feature. It is like a promise to maintain the connections virtually. The process works through many channels. And the good thing about an online CRM portal is that it is not bounded to any place or time. In fact, it can work all over the world. All the stakeholders can just simply login and access correspondences on any device, any place and anytime. This great innovation is ideal for eliminating inefficiencies in the routine of your employees and adds harmony to your relationship with customers at the same time. Relationship management norms are changing as the time is progressing, CRM can help you cope up with the expectations of customers.

Complete customer satisfaction

The satisfaction of the customer is always a major concern for any product and service provider. It is the basic factor that determines whether you are capable of doing business successfully and as per the expectations. If the clients are content, this means that they are trusting the company. A consistent quality of customer service is this way to gain client confidence and trust. Doing business successfully requires focus on customer satisfaction, because the whole point is to give assurance to the clients and offer reliable support services. CRM is the way to upgrade the level of satisfaction for your customers and boost up your business with every passing day.


Email Insight

Promotional marketing emails possess a great deal of potential to reach the client across continents. With the increasing accessibility to emails, it is becoming an ideal way to connect with existing and potential clients. However, the real thing is to use this email accessibility in an ideal way. Email Insight feature offers email drafting, personalising and sending out scheduled emails to save the time of the employees and company. Email Insight feature in CRM platform offers a lot more than sending out bulk emails, it tracks response rate and consumer trends on random basis. This way, the information of client and points of discussion is always private, just in between the company and client.

Get social

Socializing with customers is the new way of doing business. However, socialization needs to incorporate promotion of services, endorsing the willingness to do business. In this way, the customers develop a sense of comfort in availing your services by developing an acquaintance with the companies’ representatives. Utilizing social platform for sales and marketing adds miles to the reachability of your message. Use CRM software to get social, our online management service will help in gaining more confidence and trust in your company by coordinating with the potential customers through a simple act of socializing.


One-click calling

Follow-up with customers in just one-click, CRM contact management portal keeps your clients entire contact information in one place. So getting help from the company or connecting with the clients is just one call away. The ideal use of the calling service is helping the customers through a centralized customer care centre that takes up customer queries and carries out promotional activities as well. It is a great way for the company to become more responsive and customer-friendly. It gives the customer the convenience to have all kinds of problems solved via one-click calling.

Log meeting with customer

The log meeting feature is a modern feature in the contact management feature of contact management. It is a highly practical tool to keep a log of the meetings with customers, such as the attendees, meeting agenda, key take away and action items against each attendee along with execution target date. That’s just not it. Auto-reminder emails are also generated to inform attendees about the meeting and that their action item is due. Attendees also have the privilege to jot down their findings on action items and circulate it prior to the next meeting, all through the CRM portal. Meetings’ log feature helps prevent losing minutes of the meeting, because all your meetings and their minutes are in one place, which is an excellent feature to help maintain first-class customer support.


Third Party Integration

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