Billing & Invoicing

Process your customer’s billing safely and store them with our Genic solution’s User frindly CRM.


Billing & Invoicing

Billing and invoicing becomes an extremely hectic job when done manually, and has a lot of margin for errors as it demands extra care and attention. Having a software in place is a generous help to your employees. Generate professional bills and invoices with Genic Solutions CRM, that too in less than a fraction of time your employee spends otherwise. Billing and Invoicing module has a huge number of options in place to design a professional looking invoice. It even has standard templates to avoid the hassle of creating your own invoice, just plug-in the values in one of the template and send it out to the customers directly.
The tool offers convenience, ease of use and efficiency like never before. Billing and invoicing is not a hefty job anymore as it only requires certain input from your end. The data gets aligned and set automatically by the software on its prescribed location. All these features make it an extremely useful support software for the creation of bill receipts and invoices. Unlike manual billing process, with genic solution’s CRM software you can create invoices anytime you want and from any device at all. The flexibility CRM application has to offer will maximize the opportunities for job support as it takes over a huge percentage of load of handling billing so you can utilize your workforce elsewhere. In this way, billing and invoicing feature is able to reduce the complexities of the job by streamlining important tasks at the workplace. The greatest advantage implementing a CRM in your business environment is to make work easy and transparent between the company and customers by influencing the idea of online payments, online support system and response availability. Further, the professional tools are errorless so the receipts will be perfect every time. All in all, the system is going to support the routine process genuinely.


Professional Invoicing

Professional invoicing is best defined as a systematic method that gives accurate assistance in creating an invoicing plan. It is a legitimate way to ensure that the invoices are generated automatically, accurately and in the least time consuming manner as the input of information is required only once. It carries a support plan to manage recurrent invoices in just one click and the specific details are updated internally; to avoid all types of confusions, the bills get generated automatically.

Instant Online Payments

Online payments are one of the most hassle-free strategies in the current time. It is convenience in true sense. Instant Online Payment feature is a user-friendly service because it makes sending out and receiving payment easier. Not to forget, it is also a business-friendly system as the inflow and outflow is logged. Online payments improve a company’s functioning and efficiency. Payments are processed and sent out to the organization without the need for physical coordination between the client and the account manager.


Automated Estimation to Invoicing

Sending out estimation to customers is a mundane set of activity that becomes extremely hectic on manual basis. Considering a machine to do it automatically will lessen the time along with increased efficiency. The role of CRM is an efficient choice for generating estimation to invoices automatically. The tendency of a software to manage this tedious job is incomparable with when done manually. For instance, automated email messages, automated warning alerts and automated database update followed by an email will all the user informed about the database update and even the payments and clearances

Expense Record

Without any doubt, manual record maintenance is a rather cumbersome job with room for error at every step of the way. However, the role of a software in action is equivalent to several employees who solely perform data entry and trouble shooting. It is going to compensate for the plan and facilitate the user and company both. For any company, it is ideal to have expenses updated regularly and only a software like CRM can do that. Error-free record is preliminary to customer relationship management as the record is used to review and cross-checked by both entities several times a day and many high level decisions are based on it.


Intelligent Alert System

Alert system works well when all the data of user payments and clearance is in one place. This is a highly in-demand feature because automatically generated system alerts prevents delays and missed out deadlines for payments, action items and meeting. These alerts are in form of an automatically generated messages and emails to remind the relevant personal to address the job under their name. All this is not humanly possible and requires the need for a management support system such as CRM. The intelligent alert system holds the pre-set prompt message in the form of emails, reminders and messages. This is automatic and the information in this regard gets saved in the system as well. Truly, this is an intelligent system for the management of records and timely execution of action items.

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